Call of Duty: The Inevitable Consequence of ‘Progress’- How multiplayer purity was lost


"Poor Call of Duty.

I really do feel sorry for the franchise sometimes. It is held up as the example for everything that is wrong in gaming right now...

Something pure has gone missing, replaced by a cleverly addictive system of perks and customisation.

It may, however, not be lost forever, and it would be easy to restore the old while keeping the new."

gaminoz4310d ago

I think many modern gamers would probably get bored without their 'incentive' boosts, but I personally think many more gamers are lost because they simply can't keep up and have less time.

Straightupbeastly4309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )

They wouldn't if there was another incentive to keep playing, like a skilled ranking system where you want to get better, trophies or achievements, some sort of competitive clan environment, like dedicated lobbies. You can have interesting things and keep gameplay simple.

"The more you have, the less you have it"

BadCircuit4310d ago

I remember the 'rifle duels' we used to have down the main street of the French village; to see who would actually hit the other person first, only to get shot by someone else up in a window!

These days everything is done at top speed and yeah I miss the simplicity (but not the graphics or the lack of sprint!)

jjb19814309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )

That's why counter strike lives on! Simplicity at its finest

DeusExer4310d ago

Simplicity is the key.

Goldeneye is a testament to this. No perks, no unlocks, no killstreaks.

Just pick up a weapon and shoot.

Parasyte4310d ago

No. It was choose Oddjob, pick up a weapon, THEN shoot.

3-4-54310d ago

We banned oddjob. Siberian Special forces !

A-stil_Tv4309d ago

hell yeah remember those days they should pay homage to the game that sparked this gen of fps

Parasyte4309d ago

Really? Disagrees for simply mentioning Oddjob? :facepalm:

jjb19814309d ago

We had a couch rule, no oddjob, player in last chooses jaws the next game

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Ducky4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

Nostalgia plays into that a bit.

I wouldn't exactly call older games as 'simple'. CounterStrike or Quake for example, are simple in their setup, but they have a lot of things that are quite tricky as well (such as rocket-jumping in Quake or getting your character in a certain pose in CS)

It's just that, you had to work hard to get those skills. You couldn't just select a perk, and be off with it. You had to learn to control recoil, rather than select a specialty that automatically reduces it. In a sense, the newer games are actually simpler. You choose how you want your character to be, rather than actually learning the skills yourself.

A classic mode would be welcome, but I'm not sure if there's an audience for it. The CoD ProMod was essentially an attempt at having a 'simplified' version of CoD, but it didn't quite become as popular as other games which were barebones from the start.

4309d ago
Eske4310d ago

Er...doesn't Call of Duty have a mode that removes perks/killstreaks, etc?

brich2334310d ago

i think it is called barebones

vortis4310d ago

Yes, it's called Halo: Combat Evolved.

Brosy4310d ago

Halo takes alot more skill than COD. Not only because it doesnt have Killstreaks, but because 90% of the kills accrued in Halo last longer than a simple squirt from a machine gun. You have to actually have a little skill to get kills in Halo.

gaminoz4309d ago

And jump all the time like an idiot?