XBOX Live Marketplace Update (1st February 2008)

Today's XBOX Live Marketplace update is here... despite not much content being available. There is a Conflict: Denied Ops demo which is free and available everywhere except Germany and a Viking: Battle for Asgard HD Trailer which is also free and available everywhere except Germany.

There are also four new movies available to download from the Video Marketplace. They are:

Wild Wild West (SD)
Sphere (SD)
Outbreak (SD)
US Marshals (SD)

Will you be downloading any of the above content? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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bohemian 234328d ago

No because it is all garbage. Everyone of those movies blows.

Yi-Long4328d ago

... it must really suck to be a gamer when you live in Germany... :(

I feel sorry for those guys, and just hope the rest of our countries will NOT censor everything we wanna play or watch or whatever.

Omegasyde4328d ago

I got the Ps3 demo and I can't imagine the 360 being drastically different.

There is a reason why the game title is Denied Ops for a reason.

Chuck Nasty4328d ago

Hell no i will not down load old ass movies that they play on tbs