Over 50 Mods Now Available for UT3 on the PS3

Since December 20th of last year to January 31st, there has been over 50 mods that can be imported and are readily available for play on Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3.

Playable maps, game types, mutators listed after the jump.

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TheHater4328d ago

Most of those mods are kick ass. I recommend that people download all of them, and try each one of them. Then delete they ones you don't like.

Panthers4328d ago

Can you transfer mods to people over the PS3 that dont have them? I mean not many people are going to get them off the computer.

antoinetm4328d ago

how many full server are there ? a lot like warhawk... or close to none? O_o just wondering

CrashSharc4328d ago

that's the great thing about it! It's kinda like steam, if you don't have the mod (any kind, maps, mutators etc.) it'll automatically DL it! I've seen it happen and it's pretty cool. And @ above, all I can say is that I've never found myself not able to play a match that isn't full.

sonarus4328d ago

UT3 without mods is lame as hell. 360 only owners who are interested in UT3 better start making noise maybe msoft will listen so they can at least make an exception for epic because you guys will be getting only half a game in that case. I have seen so many 360 fans on here defend microsoft on their closed policy not that its wrong or anything if thats what works for them cool but when gamers are affected then its time to at least alter the strategy a lil bit. 360 owners tell msoft wat you want they should listen and stop being strong headed fanboys defending msoft aimlessly when you knw mods are wats up

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Omegasyde4328d ago

FLAT Wars and Campground are cool, Also [email protected] has mods too but you need to have a membership (FREE!DNW) to access them.

At you can directly download the mods to your PS3. You unfortunately need a thumbdrive (or other media) and can only import 1 at a time. However Epic, is working overtime on a patch to fix this.

socomnick4328d ago

Epic is a good company but they need to know where their priorities should be. They should be working on Gears of war 2 a game that will make them millions not on a patch for a game that has sold shamefully.

TheHater4328d ago

Epic have all right to develop a patch for this games. See, unlike some developers, the actually try to fix their games, if anything is wrong with it after it is release to the public to play.

Omegasyde4328d ago


They need to cover their bases. Basically you are saying they should just leave the PS3 users and focus on the 360?

-Bubbles bro.

That's not only bad for business but also for customer loyalty. Let alone CLIFFY B has a team working on GeOW2 for months now.

4328d ago
Skerj4328d ago

Without Unreal Tournament and the eponymous engine that powers it, there'd be no Gears of War for them to work on. So their priorities are right where they should be.

socomnick4328d ago

Im just saying don't waste any more resources on a game that has failed to sell.

Omegasyde4328d ago

Failed to sell? The PS3 version sold almost twice as muchat the PC. Also keep in mind that about 70% of PS3 owners (360 as well) are playing Cod4.

If Ut3 came out in Febuary like originally planned, it would of sold more. Most people have already maxed out in Cod4 (PS3) in prestige and are looking for something new.

I believe that the Holiday launch (2 weeks before christmas) did more harm than good since Epic already missed out on black friday and the competition was rough.

Skerj4328d ago

It also didn't get any advertisement until after Xmas afaik. I didn't start seeing commercials for it until Jan, is it even out in Europe yet?

Bathyj4328d ago

Its not even out in Europe or Australia yet so how can you say its failed?

Epic needs to do exactly what its doing and thats looking after its customers.

You're just being a bot like you always are. I know the idea of a company supporting software after release, but not nickle and diming people to death sounds weird to you, but thats the way Epic has always down things.

Besides, we're just talking about a patch here. All the mods are made by users and are free to all. How can you have anything against that?

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Violater4328d ago

I find A lot of people are not downloading the mods. And basically sticking to the same maps

TheHater4328d ago

A lot of people don't even know that you can download mods for this game. They need to get informed fast.

Omegasyde4328d ago

Yea the community has begged for EPIC to make a fix to that. I was so dicouraged when someone had a new beta of a map and I got kicked out.

That's why I DL final version of mods. It's a shame, but atleast the stock maps are interesting but some of the mods are better than the stock maps IMO.

I made a thread at blog to put up the mods on the PSN store. Thats would solve all the problems and get more people to buy the game.

kewlkat0074328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

the PS3 version of the game did not sway much PC gamers to buy the console. We all know PC gamers would of jumped on the MODS from day one.

I still think UT3 doesn't or have not done quite well with the PS fanbase.(I'm not expecing GeOW types numbers)

But they say sales are suppose to get hot when it comes out in Europe, we'll see. Besides that no other "big" regions are into American Shooters.

ruibing4328d ago

Didn't the PS3 version sell better than the PC?

kewlkat0074328d ago

Ever heard of PIRACY?

You know what's really killing PC gaming..

zambrota4328d ago

ps3 version will also sell a million or more in its lifetime.

The ps3 version hasnt launched in Europe . It will be launching this month and be very sure that ps3 version will outsell the x360 version atleast in europe

Things have got better for ps3 and will get a lot better for ps3 in USA in 2008

dont forget that 95% of ps2 owners havent taken a next gen leap and most of these people were ps1 owners too.

just wait for GTA4 to launch in USA and you will see the ps2--ps3 conversion at a massive rate

kewlkat0074328d ago

but as you can see, I was just stating something that seemed obvious with the PS fan and a PC gamer. Hell it's not even fact..

But some people quick to pull up PS3 numbers VS PC when we all know "Piracy" is killing the PC industry which leads to lack of sales. Devs do not get paid so you see sh^tty games.

Yeah eventually people will upgrade but to say every PS2 owner will def get a PS3 is far fetched but your opinion again. Yes things are changing but, that was not my argument.

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Area_514328d ago

I added 5 mods last night and plan on putting more on tonight. I heard that this wont be a option for the 360 thats sad, because these mods are kick ass. Thanks for the guy putting them out

Guitarded4328d ago

Epic and MS are still in discussion about mods on the 360. Epic's Mark Rein stated that they would at least release the best mods on live. Just not all of them. If it's like a lot of mods from past Unreal games, most will be anywhere from unbalanced to completely useless. So I'm not worried.

Blademask4328d ago

I swear you guys are in such a rush to defend MS on every single mistake they make.

UCG for Unreal is the greatest part of the UNREAL universe.

Just because YOU dont like 1 mod, doesn't mean there wont be thousands of users that will. So you shouldn't be limited to what Epic and MS decides is good for you as a gamer. You guys miss the point every single turn.

"HERE IS UT3, but uhm. You cant choose which custom mods you want, or characters. Only the most popular ones that we decide are good for you."

You guys rant and rave about Choice in Mass Effect, but when it comes to real life, you'd rather MS make the decisions for you.

mullet4328d ago

Too bad the 360 version doesn't support mods. Oh well.

Omegasyde4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

I am pretty sure Epic will release map packs (for free?) when the 360 version comes out.


I don't think EPIC could charge since the users who created the maps would get the final word. If the mod creators did get some of the pie for the new maps on the 360, I guess I found a new side job!

TheHater4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

I do believe that Epic will release map packs containing the maps user made for the 360 version of the game. But will the be free? I don't know, because Epic wanted to release free maps for Gears of War, but MS charged users for them. That why Epic treated to release Gears of War for the PS3. But I hope the all users get these Maps for free, because the was made by users for users.

Edit:Epic don't charge for Extra contents after their games has been release. It just with Gears of War, MS had the final word, and charge for contents which was to be free.

MikeGdaGod4328d ago

either way, they're definately are going to have map packs for the 360 version because the devs already said all the original maps from the PC/PS3 version can't fit on DVD.

KillaManiac4328d ago

Epic said in a recent interview that there will be atleast the Top Mod downloads (off XBL), but said it sux b/c microsoft will prob charge because its using their servers.

But ya...Mods are a must in UT...without em? for a while but would get bored fast.

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