Eye of Judgment: second wave on display

PS3Fanboy reports, Eye of Judgment fans are eager for more EoJ content. The Japanese website has been updated with new images, focusing on the new creatures and monsters from the upcoming Wave 2 booster packs. No release date has been announced for the US, but a look at eBay shows that demand is there -- fans are eager to get some new cards for the game.

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lodossrage4332d ago

I need to make new decks after all lol.

I'm shocked at how well this game is doing. But I'm happy for its success.

Rockstar4332d ago

I assume I'll be able to grab the booster packs from my local Wally world or EB Games when they become available.

jax074332d ago

I got it for the eyetoy but lately I have been playing it alot it is very fun but they need to start pumping out different decks. If they supported this more it would be much bigger than it is now.