Blu-Ray Leads HD-DVD 82:18

For the third straight week, blu-ray leads hd-dvd in sales according to Home Media Magazine. The ratio for last week are on page 1 and are as follows:


WEEK 82:18
Year To Date 77:23
Since Inception 64:36

All top ten high def selling titles were blu ray with SAW IV leading in all. This info is on page 8.

1. Saw IV 100.00
2. The Game Plan 70.83
3. 3:10 to Yuma 48.21
4. PotC At World's End 36.35
5. Good Luck Chuck 35.58
6. 300 34.51
7. Planet Earth 32.49
8. Ratatouille 26.03
9. War 23.05
10. Superbad 22.63

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gamesblow4329d ago

Was there any question of this? Blu-ray won the day it was released.

Fighter4329d ago

Let's see if the superbowl ad helps HD DVD in next week's chart. I seriously doubt it.

zambrota4329d ago

most customers are aware of the END OF WAR situation.

Expy4329d ago

Microsoft/Toshiba are wasting money on HD-DVD ads when they could be advertising their successful products instead. Like XBOX 360 in Japan for example, we all know they NEED more adertising there.

TheTwelve4329d ago

Ha. People were saying the HDDVD would fight back after getting whooped 90-10 and that Blu-Ray couldn't keep it's momentum. I imagine that all of the activists who don't believe HDDVD is dead tried their best to buy as many HDDVD products from amazon as possible. Well, the truth always prevails in the end.


Nuclearwinter4329d ago

I doubt it will help. Hell maybe to kick salt in HDDVDs wounds they'll make a Superbowl ad announcing that most of Hollywood is exclusively Blu.

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The story is too old to be commented.