The worst game console(s) ever

A few days ago, CNET Crave discussed the greatest game console of all time. Some would say the NES, some would say the Super Nintendo, some would say the Playstation, some would say the Playstation 2. It really depends on what standards you plan to use, and what system you grew up with. Naturally, this now begs the question of what was the worst console of all time.

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gamesblow4326d ago

Jaguar was bad. Cdi was worse... Saturn was garbage. Dreamcast was too. The good to bad ratio for consoles isn't that good. A handful have been worth the money. And I mean only a handful.

If we lived in the world we do now back in the late 80's to early 90's ... none of these systems would have ever had a chance. I'd emulate everyday nes, snes, gen, turbo grafix, neo geo, n64, Saturn, 3-do, jaguar game ever made and save myself alot of trouble.

I might have even had enough money to not buy that garbage ass escort when I turned 16 and opted to buy a decent car.

M_Prime4326d ago

is that why your so mad in your posts at everything that isn't SONY? you bought all these crap consoles, played em and now are regretting it cause you got a ESCORT?

i loved your rant on the SMASH BRO BRAWL top 10. Your something else. Before you had your escort did you ride the bus by yourself and had no friends?

this is the open zone. I reserve me being a jerk for this zone. In gamer zone i am much more cultured. I'm what you could call a closet whore lol..

giovonni4326d ago

Dream Cast was one of the better consoles that was on this list. But sega really killed themselves by releasing Saturn. Saturn is what put them under.

funkeystu4326d ago

I think the dreamcast was underrated - it did have some pretty awesome games

INehalemEXI4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

Shenmue, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Soulcalibur kind of save Dreamcast from being the worst console ever. Those games rocked. Dreamcast just could not hold its own against the greatest selling console ever. PS2.

You could buy a Dreamcast for $25 and MvsC2 for $25.

Best way to play MvsC2 if you don't already own a copy, because a used copy on ps2 or xbox will cost you $80 or so.

joemomma4326d ago

Dremcast should be somewhere in the high ranks but the atari jaguar sounds worse.

Skaterboy Tell Em4326d ago

The xbox 360:Worse console in the history of video games.

Skaterboy Tell' Em

joemomma4326d ago

Even i have to disagree with that....

season0074326d ago

what defines a gaming machine? games of course...

but what defines a piece of electronic? em , i mean opposite of failure rate

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The story is too old to be commented.