Rumor: ADV Goes Blu-ray

ICv2 has learned that ADV Films has chosen the Blu-ray high definition format and plans to begin releasing high def versions of some titles as early as this spring. A highly placed source at the company told us that "front list is more important than catalog right now," so the first high def releases will be the company's newest titles. The move to begin releasing Blu-ray versions of some new titles may have an impact on ADV's release schedule, as high def transfers will have to be prepared.

High definition is at a turning point, with Warner Bros.' recent decision to support Blu-ray exclusively beginning in June (the studio had previously supported both formats) swinging the momentum toward the format in its war against HD. Player sales moved heavily toward Blu-ray in the wake of the Warner's announcement. But the Toshiba-led HD group is not lying down -- it will run a Superbowl ad supporting the format this weekend.

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