Talk The Talk: A Gamer's Glossary

Reading about games is pretty much the next best thing to playing them. All over the world in both print and online, journalists, bloggers and even die-hard fans are writing their brains out about the latest game or a doing a retrospective on a classic. But once in a while they'll use a term that you may not know or only slightly understand. Instead of creating an entire glossary of things you already know, like the definition of an RPG, Gameinformer took some of the maybe less common but definitely less explained terms and broke them down. Gameinformers guide isn't meant to be a comprehensive look at terminology, but if you think Gameinformer missed something, send Gameinformer a note at [email protected]

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GodsHand4891d ago

I never knew what gone gold meant, but now I do.

And knowing is half the battle.