Buzz! for PS3 and PSP this spring

Sony has told Eurogamer that it's hoping to release the PS3 version of Buzz! Quiz TV at "around the same time" as the newly announced Buzz! for PSP this spring.

Both quiz games are in development at Relentless Software just up the street from Eurogamer and the new PSP version has some interesting multiplayer modes and six new round types with questions covering a variety of subjects.

These include music, celebrities, TV, sport, science, nature, movies and general knowledge, with over 5000 questions in total and around 1000 pictures and videos to help things along.

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Keyser4328d ago

I got Buzz for a party I was throwing around New Years and it's a lot of fun to play. They ask some hard questions and some easy ones. It's hilarious when your friends who allegedly graduated from college can't figure out which animal has more teeth, a shark or an alligator. It's good times. I'll be looking into this.

gamesblow4328d ago

I'd love to have this one the PSN for sure... I doubt it'll hit American shores, though. Given the PSN's track record for shafting each of their regions equally in some way or another... I won't hold my breath for this one.

bootsielon4328d ago

The game wouldn't be able to hold so much video content, which should be fundamental for this game.

Lord_Ash4328d ago

I need to buy a cabinet for all my gaming accessories (Guitars, Mics, dancing mats, drums, the eye of judgment's mat and stand and now Buzz stuff.

Omegasyde4328d ago

MORE Sony Online Entertainment titles coming to PSN as well.

I.E. Wheel of Fortune
Also Starwars galaxy might come to the consoles before everquest 3.

I am really surprised no surfer girl/skater boy common sense predictions haven't came out yet. No one has even reported these stories, yet I knew
last year at sony day first hand.

Casual games will comes in truck loads this summer.