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yewles13565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Left: 360, Center: PC, Right: PS3.

Where's my cookie?

DoomeDx3565d ago

I cant wait for the
''LOL Why are they comparing the PC version with the console version, stupid comparison. PC Wins''

While its just meant as a fun-thing, instead of a battle.

Yukicore3565d ago

I am so happy that I moved to PC, it's more frustrating to get all the components work as they should, but the result is worth it.

decrypt3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

No need for such comparisons, Console gamers dont care about graphics(atleast they claim not to, specially when PC versions are added to comparison lol).

And yes, the PC version wins again.

CommonSense3565d ago

No, the question is why are they comparing screen shots from cut scenes and not in-game?

MaxXAttaxX3565d ago

That's odd.

This is the hottest Sleeping Dogs article in a while. It's like people that didn't care much about the game now suddenly pretend to because it's a graphical comparison. You guys sicken me.

tordavis3565d ago

There's no lack of DOF. What you are seeing is the sharpness in PC textures vs console. What you think is DOF on console is actually a low res blurry texture.

TBM3564d ago

comparisons meh i beat it yesterday on the PS3, and not only did the game look great on my 46" plasma with the best settings it was fun as hell. more fun than when i played GTA4.

these comparisons are worthless and are just for those people who like arguing back and forth like little children.

Anon19743564d ago

tordavis said "There's no lack of DOF. What you are seeing is the sharpness in PC."

Yes, the PC is sharper but no - the DOF is obviously lacking. It's too bad too. I don't care if the PC version is capable of higher resolution textures, the DOF they pull of in the console version gives a much more impressive, cinematic feel overall. I'd rather they use lower resolution textures in the background and employ depth of field then make everything so sharp everything looks unnatural. That's just my personal preference though.

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CrazyInsane3565d ago

I know you cheated by looking at the link of each image so no cookie for you

DwightOwen3565d ago

These are just the cutscenes; you should see what the ACTUAL game looks like!

dirthurts3564d ago

Cutscenes that are rendered in game. They're not prerecorded, thus, the graphics card is still do the rendering on fly. Yes it accurately depicts the game.

SeekDev3565d ago

How to tell the difference between comparisons (imo).

Xbox 360: Slightly darker than PS3.
PS3: Slightly lighter than Xbox 360.
Center: If you haven't figured it out before Xbox 360 and PS3, then you will after.

chasegarcia3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

nope. open the pictures in ms paint. 360 version looks better than ps3. The Pc version looks best.

SeekDev3564d ago

I commented about how to tell the difference, not which one is better. Some people prefer the graphics of Xbox 360 over PS3 and vice versa, I don't mind either. The differences are minimal at best.

So, I guess, nope to your comment.

hkgamer3564d ago


disagreed to you because you just totally ignored the comment you replying to and posted a random comment/opinion.

Seekdev was just pointing out how to tell the difference, I only looked at the thumbnails and thought the exact same thing.

Abdou233564d ago

Is the 360 slightly better than PS3?!! anyways i will not let that ruin my experience.

mewhy323564d ago

Well the Xbox definately won this one. I just jumped over to lensoftruth and saw a screenshot comparison for the latest transformers game and I was shocked at how much better the Xbox version was than the ps3. Wow.

Tito083564d ago

@ mewhy32- It isn't shocking since the Unreal engine is very PC friendly, that's why the games tend to look better on 360 since is the exact same architecture... Unreal isn't too friendly on PS3!!!

Muffins12233564d ago

None,you have had to much.

bubblebobble3564d ago

my ps3 far more powerful than most pc its got 8 processors beat that and its got ram thats about 4 times quicker than pc plus only cost £150 in 2008 most pc nerds *specky + no girl friends or real friends spent 10 times that in last 4 years and to cap it all sony make easyly the best exclusives uncharted beyond last ov us and ps3 owners have sun tans because they actually go outside and dont sit in dark bedrooms by kevdee

SPAM-FRITTER-1233564d ago

[email protected] £150 in 2008 hahahahaha NO IT WAS NOT.

your stupid uneducated rant gets the the rating of Dumb/10

tee_bag2423564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Lol. He has no idea how much his PS3 cost because his mummy bought it for him.

Tontus3564d ago

The PC version does lack depth of field. tordavis obviously doesn't know what they're talking about, console games have had good DOF effects for years now, it's not exclusive to powerful PC's, the only areas the PC outdoes consoles in terms of graphics is anti-aliasing, resolution and sometimes tessellation (when done well). Considering how much more powerful a good PC can be the games don't look much better than the best on 6/7 year old consoles, I guess this upsets PC gamers who wasted all that money on only marginally better visuals when they could have just bought a console and had access to the best games in the industry which are mostly not available on PC.

Sarcasm3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Of course someone like you who has never played on a good spec PC would say something like this.

All I can say is that the console versions of Battlefield 3 looked like complete @$$ compared to the PC version.

You don't have a single clue on what you're talking about.

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diefor3565d ago

Grear work Square Enix.

meetajhu3565d ago

PS3 version looks like crap. I don't know why all Ps3 games have washed out colours

BiggCMan3565d ago

There are a few options in the PS3's video settings that take care of the washed out look, not many people seem to know about them but when switched, everything becomes much sharper. I guarantee you that any comparisons from any websites never have these options changed.

MaxXAttaxX3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

PS3 version looks great and is FAR from being washed out.
Its dynamic range allows your TV's own contrast, color and brightness preset to not "damage" the overall picture.
Your TV will not display a flat image. So even though a noob's eyes may be tricked, more contrast does not equal better picture.

On the other hand, why is the 360 version so damn dark? It loses detail in dark areas.
And why is the PC version like depth of field (from these pics)?

Lovable3565d ago


How is the game? I'm very much intrigued by this

MaxXAttaxX3564d ago

Best hand-to-hand combat in an open world game of its kind.
Decent third-person shooting mechanic.
The driving is great.
The flow of story is great.

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JellyJelly3565d ago

A more in-depth comparison than just screenshots of cut-scenes.

"On Microsoft's system, Sleeping Dogs adopts a native 1200x720 presentation, with an 80-pixel horizontal upscale to 720p, while on the PS3 we're looking at a much lower 1152x640, which has more severe implications with regards to overall image quality."

"Generally there are lower levels of screen-tear on the Xbox 360 too. Conversely, the tearing can be quite unsightly on the PS3, with the tear-line moving up and down the screen creating a juddering effect, and this isn't helped by the more variable frame-rate which drops lower - and for longer."

"The Xbox 360 game appears to enjoy higher-resolution normal maps and textures (top) and has less aggressive LODs, as you'll see in the bottom shots."

And so on. Seems like the PS3 version is gimped. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone anymore looking at 3rd party console games.

MaxXAttaxX3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

60 lines less? Sorry. Couldn't tell the difference while actually playing the game on a TV.

Only thing noticeable was how dark the 360 version is and how any detail in dark areas is lost.
This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone anymore looking at 3rd party games.

PersonMan3564d ago

NathanExplosion: I see what you did there ;-)

JamieL3564d ago

@ NathanExplosion
I bet $100 that if it was the PS3 version that came out on top you would be able to tell the difference, and LOL at your "lost detail in the dark spots", spin. You guys are nothing if not entertaining. Keep trollin, trollin,trollin.

StreetsofRage3564d ago

Nice info jelly. Your 11 disagrees proves their are butt hurt sony boys here. Facts are facts!

MaxXAttaxX3564d ago

Nope, still wouldn't be able to tell much of a difference.

However, the darkness level is no spin. Look at these screenshots. 360 version is full of black crush. And your TV will most likely increase the contrast.

JamieL3563d ago

@ NathanExplosion
I think it looks just fine. Nope, don't see it as a problem at all.

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DwightOwen3565d ago

5 people need LASIK surgery for Christmas.

Freakazoid20123565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Could be or it could be that they remember how lazy some devs have been. He did PC always wins and not PC almost always wins.

Rage comes to mind as an example.
Any Ubisoft game is another.
What about a PC/PS3/360 comparison on Red Dead Redemption? I know its not on PC at all but that is kind of the point
I'm sure I could find more if I looked into it.

While nobody can argue that the PC has the potential to be the best, a lot of developers this gen have also been sloppy in their work

HD_GAMER19893565d ago

@ zoid2012 ummm i guess you havent played assassins creed on pc with 1080p, everything on ultra and with AA maxed aswell as AF maxed. IT kicks the crap out of console versions however all versions have crappy facial graphics.

Imikida3565d ago

Pc may win in graphics, but lack a lot of other things. Rockstar games come on console first and sometimes don't even make it to pc, plus pc doesn't have some of the good exclusives like uncharted, little big planet, gears of war, and so on. No disrespect towards pc I'm just pointing out that pc isn't perfect either.

SeekDev3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

PC has tons of exclusives, a lot more than you apparently think, and a lot of them are equally as good (I won't say better because I enjoy both my PS3 and PC). Dota 2, Total War series, Star Craft 2, Amnesia: The Dark Descent [ I <3 Frictional Games ].

Rockstar games are not the entire gaming industry ;)

pr0digyZA3564d ago

Anyway we are already seeing a change with Rockstar as Max Payne 3 (PC easily the best and released soon after consoles) pointed out. So if thats the quality we can expect from GTA 5 then its gonna be all roses and dx11.

HD_GAMER19893564d ago

I love my ps3 exclusives but if i had the choice id rather play uncharted or the last of us, killzone on a gaming PC in native 1080p with dx11 and msaaX16 etc...the one thing about pc that pisses me off is having amazing hardware but faulty drivers and poorly optimized games lead to graphics glitches. Im not the greatest with computers i love the graphics benefits but damn the maintenance on pc to make it possible sometimes is a pain in the ass.

PersonMan3564d ago

Just wait until you upgrade the OS on your PC and a bunch of your games break or don't work correctly.. That's always fun.

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chukamachine3565d ago

PC wins of course.

But i actually prefer the colour of the PS3 shots.

All good tbh, played the demo on all 3 systems anyway,lol and will be picking it up.

RedSoakedSponge3565d ago

seriously?! i thought the ps3 screens looked really odd in comparison to the other 2.

StayStatic3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Gonna check out the demo now on PC , didn't know it was available :D

ChrisW3565d ago

Derp, derp, derp! Played on all 3! Derp!!!

FrigidDARKNESS3565d ago

The pc and 360 look very similar while the ps3 version easily looking the worst ps3 version looks washed out and less detailed.