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"Sleeping Dogs is a blast. It sports fun gameplay, an intriguing story, great characters and fantastic presentation. Some small issues do little to hold it back, and if you’re yearning for a new open world crime game, Sleeping Dogs gives the very best a run for their money. I’ve been waiting this whole time to say it, so here it goes- (sunglasses)- don’t let this sleeping dog lie." Reis Mahnic, Contributing Editor

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Nocturne1472778d ago

In 2012 this is my fav game so far, Sleeping Dogs is a blast ! I hope they gonna release DLC (new content) because story was short.

mafiahajeri2778d ago

Yes this and max Payne and transformers!

Tokyo_reject2778d ago

This game just might be.....the greatest game on this year....a lot of games are coming out in the next month....but they will have a HAAAAAAAAAAAARD time being better then this game haha!!!!

OllieBoy2778d ago

Having a blast with this game. The story is so damn good, and I usually hate VG stories.

mafiahajeri2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Yes people don't seem to understand its the story that's the foundation for all this fun and then you have the amazing gameplay to lay back on. Sleeping dogs is the definition of a sleeper hit. It really felt like playing a badass hong kong movie just without t Jackie chan :P Wei shen is a badass like I say where there's a shei there's a Wei

NastyLeftHook02778d ago

good game sleeping dogs is.

Moby-Royale2778d ago

Ma....Master Yoda?

Agree with you I do.


SP3333D-O2778d ago

I'm very pleasantly surprised that it lived up to the "sleeper hit of the year" hype.