Review of Tower Wars [HalfBeard's HUD]

I once said long ago that I didn’t like tower defence games because they reminded me of the most horrific part of Real Time Strategy games. That being the part where your base is overrun by enemies and all your hopes and dreams of ever winning or mounting a counter attack are torn to shreds. Due to fact that seemingly every second game released these days sees you defending with towers I’ve since grown to enjoy the genre. I’ve also since realised my bigoted and narrow minded view stemmed from me being absolutely terrible at RTS games rather than a sound and logical understanding of tower defence. Tower Wars adds an offence component to the tower defence formula and not only is this yet another refreshing twist on a nigh infinitely mutatable genre but it plays out some where in the middle of a full fledged RTS and Tower Defence game. For me it’s like RTS with training wheels.

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