Coping with Korea as a console gamer

The POW Block said: "It's been awhile since I've posted any articles and that's mainly due to the fact that I've spent the past two months getting acclimated to life in Korea (it's a lot to wrap your head me). But one big problem has beem simmering in my head: "What do I do with my consoles?"

If you know anyting about me, I take gaming to a ridiculous extreme. I'm not the crazy gamer who is numero uno at CoD, but rather I'm that guy who has every console since the NES chilling in his apartment (okay, I'm missing the Saturn, but it really wasn't that great a console. Sorry.) and has played hundreds of games on each platform. I'm not an idiot. I realized that I couldn't bring all of them to Korea; I would be lucky if I could fit one. So what did I pick? The reigning champ - my PS3 slim. Bluray player + free internet + sexy gaming hardware? Easy choice. Okay...maybe I cheated and brought all my handhelds too..."

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Hitster3021d ago

It's interesting how different their society is and how hard the social market is trying to make us like them with constant new social interactions.

NosoleeToxin3019d ago

A very well wrote article. I hope to see more articles from this person.