Obituary: Sony Studio Liverpool

CVG- Britain has a peerless heritage for pioneering racing games. Its specialist studios spread across the country. It has Codemasters and Evolution in the midlands and North West, Criterion in Guildford and Eutechnyx North East. Sumo Digital stands way up north and Stainless Games sits deep down south.

But even with such deep reserves of talent, the loss of Sony Liverpool will be impossible to ignore. The studio, now three decades old, has developed and published more than 100 games.

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CommonSenseGamer2784d ago

As much as I enjoyed Wipeout it obviously was not a great earner this gen. I remember when Fury came out on PS3 it barely made the top 10 for that week for PSN sales.

Blankman852784d ago

But sales don't matter right? I mean we are gamers and should care about sales and financial reports. Or at least thats what I keep hearing on this site from the likes of tentonsoftube and co.
Maybe now people will understand the gravity of sales and profits and why we should care.
That's 3 studios now that SONY has shut down this year and these guys actually made critically great games. Who's next? Time to start buying exclusives and not just talking them up and sending ps3 exclusive lists to 360 fans maybe?

HellzAssassin2784d ago

You have got to be kidding me!? Wipeout is one of my favourite racing game franchises... Ever.

DJ2784d ago

Huge mistake. The importance of first party titles isn't just to bring in Game Sales, it's to bring in Console Sales. If there's room for financial improvement, get a discussion between the various 1st party companies going and see where their games can improve.

smashcrashbash2784d ago

Why do people talk as if it was so simple. Whether you liked Wipeout or not is not the point. The point was that it was business decision. No here or anywhere knows what went down when they did this. But everyone here always wants to spend Sony's money for them and tell them what they would have done. Sony is business that has been around long before many modern gamers were born. I am sure Sony didn't just wake up one morning and say.'Hey you know what this franchise and developer are doing very well but hey lets do something stupid and get rid of them. No one asks to hear Sony's side or if Liverpool were not doing their jobs or anything.

You have people that are not pulling their weight and you have to cut them. No one knows how many chances they gave them or if this was the last straw or If Sony weighed out the pro and cons and the cons come up higher. Liverpool could have become complete dead weight.But no one is concerned about that or the fact that Wipeout probably will keep being made or their project being given to anyone else. All you want to, as usual, direct everything towards Sony.I give thanks every day that people here on N4G don't run companies. You would spend all your money without budgets, keep everyone on no matter if they are pulling their weight or not and give everything away for free and be bankrupt in a couple of weeks.It is always sad to see a developer go but no one knows if they were pulling their weight at all. They could have been complete washouts and given a hundred chances to shape up.

Blankman852784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Not pulling their weight? Washouts? Hundreds of chances to shape up? Do you even know who you are talking about or are you seriously just spewing the first thing that comes in mind simply to defend your precious SONY?
Wipeout HD PS3 87% on metacritic.
2048 Vita 78%
Pure PSP 88%
Pulse PSP 82%
Fusion PS2 83%
Liverpool were consistent in developing great quality games they were assigned to do. Don't you come here and sully their name just because you don't want your lord Sony to be seen in a bad light for shutting them down. People like you are infuriating, people are losing their jobs and all your concerned about is trying to save face for the company you worship. It's disgusting.

smashcrashbash2784d ago

Yes you see them in a bad light because you haven't a clue why they shut them down. And yet you shout about who is disgusting. People losse their jobs every day. You are assuming that Liverpool just did nothing and Sony just jumped in and cut them for no reason at all. A business doesn't work like that. This decision could have been over a long period of time. You like most people who know nothing about business assume it was just a knee jerk decision that they just woke up and said 'Hey, you know that company that is making us money? Well just for a laugh and to be complete jerks lets fire everyone and decrease the amount of games we make. Won't that be a riot?'

Liverpool made good games no different then when Clover did. they made excellent games and yet Capcom still closed them down. Why?
Because they were stupid? Or something more then that? Just because you are out here and know nothing about Sony's plans you, like most people,figure you will just rant and rage since you haven't a clue about the situation. So you spout angry words and be as irrational as possible.

I never said that what I said was the situation for sure but your assumption that Sony was doing this for no reason at all or seemingly just because it was fun like some people seem to think in ignorance in of itself. Liverpool will be missed no different how I miss Clover but to run around assuming that wasn't for any plausible reason is just what makes N4G more ignorant then any other site out there.The same way you jump to defend Liverpool is no different from me defending Sony. Only you say it as if it is fact and I am just saying the reason might make sense if you knew what it actually was and if you owned a company (God forbid) you might have made the same decision.