Team Xbox : Turok Review

One of the beauties of resurrecting an IP such as this from extinction is that there are few guidelines in place that would restrict the developer from creating the logical evolution of the Turok timeline. Yes, Turok is still Native American. Yes, he still carries a bow. And, yes-of course-he hunts dinosaurs. But Propaganda's story here is even more futuristic than the Valiant-era Dinosaur Hunter days. This change-up is just fine, though, as you'll know right away that a fair amount of work was put into the script, the cutscene visuals and the voice-acting prep in order to make it all palatable.

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Fototherapist5009d ago

I think 7.5 is a pretty fair review for this rather bland looking game.

Luca Blight5009d ago

Change the title and delete my comment. Thanks.

PROGnosis5009d ago

man, i wish i was still interest in dinosaurs, i would've bought this game regardless

factory5009d ago

i just cant get excited by middle of the road fps games anymore, like timeshift and turok and turning point.the bar has been raised by orange box and cod 4 so high that the rest are a waist of time.i am the type that likes a new challenge , so i'll put cod4 aside for a good's my favorite genre , so i've got my fingers crossed that the rumors about guerilla games are just rumors.i can't see how sony can screw up killzone twice.....the demo for turok bored me ...the cave..ugh

Lord_Ash5009d ago

I hated Turok since the N64 days and I don't think that would change anytime soon.

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