SunFlowers Beaming to PS Vita This Fall

Posted by Dr. Lakav // Lead Game Designer, The Game Atelier -

Hello everyone, we are very proud to present SunFlowers, coming this autumn to PS Vita. At first sight this game may look pretty casual — indeed, its objective is pretty simple: you have to grow flowers using chain-reactions.

You control the Sun, and you have the power to grow beautiful flowers on the ground. To do this, you shoot rays of sunlight through passing clouds, which turns the sunlight into water, which in turn causes the plants to grow. But if a sun ray touches a seed or a flower, it starts to burn. Thankfully, a drop of water will clear that burn right up.

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remanutd552783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

i know this game wont appeal to the hardcore psvita fans ( or at the majority of them ) but i think the system need more casual games like this if they want to grab the casuals attention.

and i think its good to have variety.

Rockefellow2783d ago

It definitely looks cool. Unfortunately, when I emailed The Game Atelier back when this was first announced they implied it would be coming to other platforms after launch on the Vita, specifically iDevices.

Qrphe2783d ago

Gotta make your money I guess.

Rockefellow2783d ago

Oh, sure. This isn't exactly a system seller, regardless.