Counter Strike: Global Offensive Review - AOTF

It is the inequities of the game in comparison to previous installments in the series, along with some noticeably missed opportunities, that prevent CS:GO from being truly phenomenal.

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It sucks ! ...massive camping.. suck aim..movement or cam control are rancid . oh and everyone packs sniper rifles due to one shot kills. and thats the xbox version idk about playstation. its a 2 1/2 *** out of 10

Ron_Danger2783d ago

Awwww... What's the matter?? You couldn't fire a grenade launcher right at the start of a round?? Or call in a cheap kill streak??

It's a team based, tactical shooter. Not an arcadey, spawn camping fest

finbars752783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I agree with you but the port to consoles isnt even near the same caliber as the PC.I have been playing the ps3 version and found the hit detection really bad.I know most of the rooms I enetered people had been complaining about it alot.I not only witnessed how bad it was but myself I was scratching my head as to how the hell did he take a whole clip in the back with the famas then a whole clip of my pistol and still didnt die but turned around and shot me with 2 bullets and I died with the same pistol.LOL.The games is smooth but that was the one draw back for the console version for myself.Camping yes thats counterstrike.Its very tactical and the map layouts are meant for you to defend the objective by covering corners of the map.Hopefully there will be more maps coming out pretty much a lack of maps that concerns me.


Your a complete moron! and actually i dont think i could fire a grenade launcher at the start of the round cause there not in the game ! why is it most of you retards on here compair every fps to call of duty? does me telling you that counter strike sucks hurt your butt hole ?

Dread2783d ago

I am getting this after work :)

Majin-vegeta2783d ago

I just got off the PS3 version and i rarely encountered campers.I'm surprised people were actually playing the objective :O.

Hicken2783d ago

Fans of Counter Strike are different, at least from what I gather.

I like a more tactical approach to shooters, so I'll definitely be picking this up soon.

FullMetalTech2783d ago

Its a great game. Hopefully they get more game modes and DLC for this like they did with Portal 2.

ExPresident2783d ago

I've enjoyed it so far. People may call some stuff camping because this isn't your CoD respawn fest, people value their lives and decisions a bit more to win the round for their team. Anyone looking for people to play with hit us up at

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