The Top 10 PS2 Games

It's almost the end of the PS2's long lifespan, so it's about time to reflect on the system that was the best for a long time. let's breaks down the top-10 favorite PS2 games.

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name4332d ago

The PS2 isn't nearing it's lifespan >_< It's selling near the pace of the wii for christ's sake.

joemomma4332d ago

totally aggree with you man.

Anyway i agreed with this. Its mistly lacked genre balance due to the RPGs overflowing the list but at least the shooters came out on top. San andreas deserves that #2 spot. but i wish it was #1.....*sniff*

leon764332d ago

Exactly what i'm thinking!...

gaffyh4332d ago

Worst list ever no God Of War, ICO, Shadow of The Colossus. And Soul Calibur 1 was the only good Soul Calibur, Tekken is a million times better.

Also what about Onimusha?

spec_ops_comm4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

SOCOM: US Navy Seals was the first game to take console gaming online; not just PS2 gaming - CONSOLE gaming. Then, SOCOM II was even better than the first, yet neither appear on the list?

Definitely one of the most popular PS2 franchises to date with one of the most hardcore fanbases of all time (SOCOM II still has 1000+ players a day - some PS3 games can't even say that!)..



well the ps1 was around for a while after the ps2 launched as well....Im expecting ps3 to do the same.

it will be very interesting to see what happens this year as far as "this" gen sales go. Competition pushes limits.

Sony versus microsoft ftw

sticky doja4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

"SOCOM: US Navy Seals was the first game to take console gaming online; not just PS2 gaming - CONSOLE gaming"

Are you serious dude? I guess you have never heard of a little gaming system called the Dreamcast? I was fragging people online in Quake 3 arena on my dreamcast 2 years before the PS2 even released its network adapter. Even the Xbox had online gaming before the PS2, and it came out a year after the PS2.

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nevelo074332d ago

what about god of war 1

DrPirate4332d ago

No God of War 2, no Shadow of the Colossus?


MK_Red4332d ago

Definitly agreed on Shadow of Colossus but while I loved GOW2, I don't think it was as great as the original.

Adamalicious4331d ago

SoTC is my #1 on PS2. That list is a little jrpg heavy.

Frances-the-Mute4332d ago

sweet I've played 8/10 of those games, but where is god of war?

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The story is too old to be commented.