PC piracy rate above 90%, says Ubisoft

For every PC game Ubisoft sells, another nine are pirated, the chief executive at the publisher has claimed.

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mep692784d ago

Showing their scarey statistics again ? 99.9% of pirates pirate games to see if they like it, because of the lack of a demo and reviews suck.
If they like it win, if not delete.

waltyftm2784d ago

That's total crap, They download it because they are thieving scum and don't want to pay for it.

CommonSense2784d ago

yeah, you're both generalizing and incapable of seeing the very large gray area.

Kin23g2784d ago

CommonSense, people!!! (Pun intended)

BrutallyBlunt2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Does anyone else not see the shift in self-entitlement over the years? How many demo's did Nintendo release for the NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube and Wii? Piracy wasn't an issue for those earlier consoles not because they supplied a demo (which they didn't) but because it wasn't as easy to get them. You don't just use how we can now get demo's on various platforms as the new reason for the week why you pirate a game or not. If piracy was as easy then on those earlier systems they too would have been plagued with piracy. Even now people use emulators and get those games for free. Offering a demo isn't going to make a difference. The people that emulate the games don't care about a demo.

We used to use research. Read reviews, listen to feedback, watch or read the previews of the game. Actually educate ourselves prior to making a purchse. Now people pirate those same magazines instead of buying them. Let me guess why, because they don't provide a demo for the magazine? Steam also has demo'sfor free, it still doesn't stop piracy.

Who says you're entitled to a demo in the first place? You know what the real reason why people pirate games? It's because they can. Same reason they do for movies, magazines, music and so on.

Ducky2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

^ Demos are kinda needed on PC to know how well the game performs on your system. Yea, usually you can make an assumption, but there's always that one game that pops up ever now and then that is horribly unoptimized.

I don't think having demos will stop piracy, but it definitely will decrease numbers. (Not by 99.9% though =/)

Allsystemgamer2783d ago

And if you buy a used game your just as bad. Your supporting the seller not the developer.

I pirate to see if it's worth buying. If there's a demo I'll dl the demo. But ubisoft shits on pc players so they shit right back.

Pc players actually like to stand up and have a voice. You console players call it whining but we don't really care. Atleast we fight for what we want and don't just "take it".

BrutallyBlunt2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

"Pc players actually like to stand up and have a voice. You console players call it whining but we don't really care. Atleast we fight for what we want and don't just "take it". "

So that's your voice, do as we say or expect us to pirate your games? That's a laugh in itself. Second of all don't speak on my behalf, ok? I play PC games and i don't need you telling me what 'we' fight for. If there was no piracy there would be no need to try and curb it like we see with DRM and other things like always having to be connected. Piracy is killing support as well, so thanks for that too.

"Demos are kinda needed on PC to know how well the game performs on your system. Yea, usually you can make an assumption, but there's always that one game that pops up ever now and then that is horribly unoptimized. "

Of course demo's help and as i say, Steam offers demo's on some of their games. Reading the forums and reading the limited specs required and the recommended specs help too. Either way it still doesn't give anyone the right to simply just pirate the game. I'm not some goody goody too-shoes who goes on and on about morals and how i never do anything wrong, i just want these pirates to simply say we pirate because we can. That's the only explanation needed.

If you don't like their games or don't want to support them then don't. All piracy does it give them a reason not to support the platform or make it more difficult for actual paying customers. If pirates can explain how you get rid of piracy while also providing consumers what they want on the PC i'd love to hear about it. The truth of the matter is even Steam games are pirated and we all know how the PC community is positive about them. That shows right there people will pirate regardless.

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DiRtY2784d ago

This is by far the worst justification I have ever read.

I just stole the car to see if I like it. If I do, I will keep it, if not I will just drive it into a river.

Somehow some people think they have a right to get their games the way they want it. If the game comes with DRM you have two options: Accept it and buy it or don't accpet it and don't buy it. Piracy is not an option for every self respecting person.

KimoNoir2784d ago

cars can be tested before bought. not pc games. you cannot rent pc games at all...

sjaakiejj2784d ago


We used to be able to rent PC games. When I was a kid, we often went to the library, and they had a section for recent PC games. That disappeared quite quickly though when piracy became mainstream.

They gave society the chance to prove that they were better than that, but in the end piracy wasn't about 'trying' the game, it was about getting it for free.

LightofDarkness2784d ago

Actually, your analogy with cars is completely off. Here's how it would go if it were apples to apples:

I just made an exact copy of a car with my duplicator ray to see if I like it. If I do, I may buy the original; if not, I will destroy my copy. Either way, the original remains with its owner, intact.

If such a thing existed (the duplicator ray), it would essentially end economics as we know it. The only item worth having would be the duplicator ray, and all other things would be of next-to-zero value, because there's no rarity any more.

If people could walk around copying every and any thing they wanted, that's COPY, NOT STEAL, do you think everyone would be super responsible and make sure they pay the manufacturers $10k+ for the original car or would they use the duplicator ray and get it for nothing?

That's the world of digital media. There is practically ENDLESS supply, to the point where demand doesn't matter any more.

Now I, like many PC gamers, am pretty responsible with this. If a game I'm interested in (but unsure about) is released and I can't test it with a demo, then I will download the game first to be sure it runs correctly. Crappy PC ports over the last few years practically force you to, RAGE was the last game that REALLY stung me because I bought before I played (crappy framerates, consolitis, no AA, texture pop-in, crashes on boot because of silly sound defaults). I recently did it with Darksiders 2 and found that while it wasn't the greatest port ever, I enjoyed the game enough to buy it.

Now if you're really interested in having earnest discourse about this issue, get off your high-horse and engage people without the pretence.

n4f2784d ago

well piracy is piracy and theft is theft.
theft is taking the car without paying
and piracy is duplicating the car and driving it without paying.

markoghc2784d ago

You can take the car for a test drive at the show room, so there is no need to steal it. If you don't like it, you take it back to the show room, not drive it into a river, as you say. Anyway, these percentages seem like an excuse to Ubisoft to continue using DRM and effectively punish people who actually bought the game.

DiRtY2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )


Actually I can rent PC titles at my local video store.

Piracy is the cancer of this industry. Actually, it is the cancer of quite a few industries like music, movie, games or software in general.

*edit* The "it is not theft" argument is so broken. It is and you know it. You steal from the company you should support. Anyway it is illegal and I hope more people will be punished for it. Like this example:

TheRealSpy2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

not to mention that stealing a car is stealing a physical piece of property. downloading a game is a copy. i'm not saying it's okay, but i am saying that you can't compare the 2 without sounding like an idiot.

and piracy is not the cancer of the industry. the collapsing economy and the over-sized governments in the west are the cancer. lack of creativity is the cancer.

there is little evidence to show that piracy is actually hurting gaming. a lot ppl that pirate games weren't going to buy them anyway. and a lot of people who pirate games end up buying them anyway. and considering video game sales generate more revenue each year than movies and music combined, i'd say they are doing alright.

LightofDarkness2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

@Dirty: you call THAT justice? They just ruined a man's life because he shared a video game, and he's only 24! He has almost no future now. No doubt, Nintendo would've continued to make hundreds of millions on the game regardless.

This happens while violent criminals get slaps on the wrist and minor prison sentences. This is part of the reason why these laws have to change. You have a horribly skewed sense of justice.

stiggs2784d ago

An entity such as a car and a digital copy of a game obviously do not have the same physical characteristics but they both share the same trait which is monetary value. Stealing software is the same as stealing a real world object due to the associated manufacturing costs. Your analogy is short sighted because it puts all the emphasis on the material value of the physical components while failing to take into account the inherent production costs (avg. 15 million on A+ titles)

You also suggest that many of the people who pirate software are not potential customers because they have no intention of ever buying the product. I'll ask you "if they weren't going to buy it then why are they downloading it?". Please don't say "to try it out".

While there are some people that may fit your desription you fail to take into account the potential lost sales of other "desirable" titles. If a person pirates 10 different software titles that they "would never buy" they are much less likely to make a legitimate purchase due to several factors such as:
Glut - They already have tons of games to play.
Precedent - Why should they buy this one particular game when they can get all these for free?
Devaluation - Once a person has free access to games they are less likely to spend their money on software purchses due to a percieved reduction of value.

Also, "piracy is not the cancer of the industry. The over-sized governments in the west are the cancer". Uhm, what?

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KwietStorm2784d ago

lol I painfully wish I could understand what statistics people base these statements on.

fermcr2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Crap DRM, shitty ports, delays... maybe some of the blame is Ubisoft's. I don't think Ubisoft is wasting that much money to port the game to PC, otherwise they would not release it.

"PC piracy rate above 90%"... i find that a bit high. Don't believe that Ubisoft.

BTW Ubisoft, where the f**k is beyond good and evil 2 ?

torchic2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

stop bullshitting you know how very untrue that is.

I hate how you PC folk try to justify the unjustifiable. no matter what you do before or after, piracy is bad.

why is it that the majority of console gamers can read a review, play a demo or just buy the damn game to see if said game is worth buying?

OMG I can't believe the stupid shit I'm reading in these comments.

HD_GAMER19892784d ago

naww you got it all wrong people like you are bad. Games selling insanely well is not good for gamers developers get to comfortable and coast off previous success prime examples are call of duty,halo, assassin creed games etc. call of duty sells 15 million copies every year by your logic youd think the games would be getting substantially better but there not.

Theyre will always be people that pirate whether the amount is small or large depends on the developers. developers will get exactly the amount of money they deserve. Activision has proven too many sales = lack of innovation and risk. pirating is essential to keep developers on there toes.

you really need to get ubisofts balls out of your mouth. they dont need your help they have lawyers for that.

TheDivine2784d ago

I agree with torchic. Theres no demo for a dinner from a resturaunt and theres no demo for a movie in theater either. Should you be able to eat at a resturaunt and if you didnt like what you ordered walk out without paying? Maybe you pick a crappy movie should it be free? Maybe pick better and research what you spend money on. I never demo games, i buy the ones i want from genres i like, develpers i like, and gameplay vids. Occasionally i get burned but so what thats life. I dont mod my systems and download stolen games only to decide its good and after ive played it go spend 60 bucks on the game i beat for free like yall pc folk claim to do. If you have it installed for free and like it why would you buy it? Most wouldnt (id guess 99% or so) and thats the problem with the theft honor system. Il steal it only to demo it. Thats trying to justify it just as the "i wouldnt buy it anyways" excuse. If you wouldnt buy it why steal it? Its cost you more to steal (karma, sins, bad juju whatever) then just paying up or skipping it. You arent entitled to everything you want. If you want it enough you can earn it and you will enjoy it far more anyways.

InTheLab2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

To the 7 disagrees....

Is it possible that maybe...just maybe, outside of the angels that are only pirating for demos, that most are pirating because they don't pay for games, music, movies, etc?

Yeah...that's right. I said it. Not all pirates have such a noble cause like demanding demos for pc games. Some of them...might be assholes? does this sound to the average gamer that buys everything they play? "I don't have a demo so I'll just take the entire game"...

lonesoul652783d ago

There for sure was a time before is all about ease of access that fuels piracy. When it takes less time to download and install a game than it takes to go to the store and buy it...people are just going to download it. I'd be full of it if I said I was never part of that, but personally i found that I had no appreciation of any of the games I would download...before I even got close to finishing it another game would come out and I would download that.

I want to support my developers because I would like a future that is not free-to-play and continue to get quality games to play. There is no excuse you can make for pirating games. Anyone who can should probably step back from themselves and look what their actions are causing.

DigitalAnalog2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

By no means do I encourage piracy. But if you remember back with the DRM controversy on ACII on PC. The fact that PAYING CUSTOMERS are UNABLE to play the game while *cough PIRATED copies could is IRONIC considering the DRM was designed to PREVENT p irates from doing in the first place.

What do you think would've happened? Did Deus Ex, Witcher 2, Alan Wake suffer from such a horrendous piracy rate? Think people THINK!

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faraany33k2784d ago

When 100% of your games come with ridiculous DRM and months delay. What do you expect??

CommonSense2784d ago

I bought the first AC for PC. the ONLY way i could get it to play with a smooth frame rate was to disconnect my computer from the internet. Never bought another Ubisoft game. Never pirated one either.

sjaakiejj2784d ago

If the games weren't pirated so much, Ubisoft wouldn't be using DRM...

Mintyrebel2784d ago

Is that the consumers who actually DO buy the game's fault? No, find a way to hurt the pirates not us!

sjaakiejj2784d ago

I didn't say it was.

DRM isn't about hurting anyone though, nor are any of the other techniques. Though admittedly DRM is shitty, it is about protection of their product.

To say DRM is the reason of high piracy on your games is just a plain out lie though.

pandaboy2784d ago

Valve released data the proved DRM exacerbates piracy and that shipping with DRM actually decreases the sales of their product. Unfortunately it's a downhill spiral if publishers fail to recognise this and in the end it hurts both them and the honest paying customer.

HD_GAMER19892784d ago

you ever think ubisofts sales suck because they release sequels every year for games that are actually dlc quality. drm was created because ubisoft are greedy, they want more and more sales their never satisfied with the people that bought they game their just sad on who didnt buy the game. before drm piracy wasnt as bad as they say, now its worse so it doesnt take a genius to figure out that ubisoft fucked themselves. morons complete morons the people that stand up for ubisoft how could you stand up for such stupidity. Ubisoft purposely spit in the faces of their fans for DRM,price hikes, constant sequels, poor quality ports on all systems most notably PC and ps3 and so on and yet you think its just for them to not get punished somehow. pirating is like a gamer union it protects us from sneeaky snakes like ubisoft and who ever else trys to do the same shit. Ive spent my well earned money on absolute garbage games to many times to agree with your asinine biased comment. take your blinders off for a second and enjoy some perspective.

Alos882784d ago

Your logic is backwards, sjaakiejj. DRM only punishes the innocent.

sjaakiejj2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )


If Ubisoft's games suck so much, why even waste your bandwidth on them? No matter how hard you try, it's not possible to justify piracy - you're essentially taking what isn't yours. Would you be happy if you made a product, tried to sell it to make your living off it, and everyone just got it of a third party who copied it for free?


Clearly you should read my comments again, as you completely missed my point. DRM is _not_ meant to punish anyone, it is meant to _protect_ Ubisoft's investment. The reason that Ubisoft even needs to protect that investment is due to _piracy_.

atticus142783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Im sure they would use it anyway, just in case. Claiming a 90% piracy rate is delusional.

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Psychotica2784d ago

What do you expect?? How about obeying the law..

Irishguy952784d ago


No really, the law is broken. When you can get more years for stealing that is broke

lonesoul652783d ago

DRM allows them to still make the game...its not designed to punish...its designed to slow down a few people and get a few more sales that they deserve. Don't take it personal, and if you do, do more to stop your friends and the people they know from pirating games...pretty easy solution...

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Orpheus2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

"Babbling shitty lies" rate of Ubi-shit is more than 100%

chak_2784d ago

I don't trust that.

They wouldn't bother with rayman, AC or anno otherwise.

I call bullshit.

ipe2784d ago

They told Pacther first ac on pc sold around 1 million, second around 100k .