Top PSN Games Coming Soon to a Vita Near You

From the PlanetPlayStation.com feature article:

"Gamers can spin it however they want, but the fact remains that the PlayStation Vita is not in a very good place at the moment. I’ve rubbed a lot of readers the wrong way when I say that Sony’s latest handheld desperately needs more games. It’s understandable, because it must be difficult for gamers who invested upwards of $250 on a device that doesn’t have much worthwhile software. But even though these folks and I don’t see eye-to-eye, I won’t deny that the Vita is a handheld platform worth owning. Well, maybe it’s not worth owning right now, but some awesome downloadable PSN games are coming, so the time to own a Vita is approaching."

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LaurenKB1234258d ago

Just give me Final Fantasy VII (just announced as coming to the Vita store soon)... Still these are some pretty solid downloadable titles, and the Vita desperately needs them....

Nimblest-Assassin4257d ago

Sure Im excited to play PS classics, as I never owned a PS1 or PS2

But imagine Journey on the vita! Or any of thatgamecompanys games!

xursz4257d ago

I've been playing flOw on my Vita.

GribbleGrunger4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Was it really necessary to start this positive news with this?

'Gamers can spin it however they want, but the fact remains that the PlayStation Vita is not in a very good place at the moment. I’ve rubbed a lot of readers the wrong way when I say that Sony’s latest handheld desperately needs more games. It’s understandable, because it must be difficult for gamers who invested upwards of $250 on a device that doesn’t have much worthwhile software.'

Look, will you stop speaking as if you know Sony fans. We KNOW it needs more games. We are NOT in denial because we paid a lot for it. This is really getting on my nerves. There are lots of games for the Vita. The only reason it needs more is because some people have different tastes. It's partly the medias fault that the Vita isn't selling because you go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on (if you read that sentence, it'll give you an idea what you sound like to us)

Jump off that bandwagon and think for yourselves. Hope you don't mind that criticism. Wouldn't want to rub you up the wrong way

Xof4258d ago

Are you new here? Most times people comment on Sony's complete and utter lack of support for the Vita from mid-June to the present, and from the present to the end of October... Vita fanboys go on the attack. With alacrity.

This is why people feel the need to preface critical opinions of the Vita with a pre-emptive defense. Sort of like how for the first six or years after the 360 was released, anyone trying to compare it to the PS3 would preface their opinions with a long diatribe about how much of a fanboy they were NOT.

jjb19814257d ago

I said You said he said they said, get off it already...

Hicken4257d ago

"Vita sucks, and people who own it and don't agree are delusional. Even though they're happy with all the games and features they got, it's never going to be enough for people like me who just don't like the damn thing. Anyway, here are some PSN games coming out for it."

That's what this article is about. That's it. It's not a critique of the system. It's not a "plan" for how the Vita could get back on track. It's a cheap shot, thinly veiled by a games update.

And it's pathetic.

CWVita034257d ago

We don't attack, we elaborate.

TheSanchezDavid4257d ago

Didn't mind the criticism, and I actually gave you an "agree" vote because unlike so many other people on this site, you were actually posing an argument in an educated, coherent manner. I still don't agree that the Vita has a lot of worthwhile games, but that's my personal opinion. Just like that entire list is my personal opinion. I'm certain there are people who think Snapshot is a joke, but that's one of the games I'm actually super stoked to play on the Vita.

The reason I started the article that way is because I've written positive pieces about the Vita, and warped readers still find a way to whine and complain about my views. So I figured I'd address my detractors right from the get-go.

GribbleGrunger4257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

Well that's fair enough. But you really didn't need to start the article that way. You have to realise the sheer volume of articles that have this approach rubs the skin a little thin. You don't have to address the detractors, you just have to present your argument as you see it.

You actually had positive things to say but you derailed yourself with that rather patronising tone. This should have just been one positive post in an ocean of negativity but after that opening paragraph, it felt equally as negative from a slightly different perspective.

There are lots of different people with lots of different views. Some overlap, some disagree and some are similar, but you used such broad strokes that it more or less encompassed anyone who thinks the Vita will be fine (and it will). It's inherent in the tone you set. This discredits what follows and makes it just look apologetic. It would have been much better to attack this article with complete optimism instead of trying to 'appear balanced' as you have.

There is little point in vexing and patronising the very audience you are writing the article for. I'm all for balance and a realistic approach but in this case, the news is good and should be offered as such from the outset

TheSanchezDavid4257d ago

I totally see your point, but believe me, I've started my articles in a positive manner and I still get blasted by pricks who don't know anything but to disagree with others. When the attack on the Vita was at its peak, I wrote an article about why people should give it a second chance, and I had a bunch of stubborn readers telling me that it didn't need a second chance because it was "still on its first chance." I was like, "Umm, the Vita's getting decimated by people. It's had its first chance." Alas, the stubbornness continued.

I can almost guarantee you that if I would have written this article without that opening statement, there would've been a big group of detractors being total dicks just for the sake of being dicks.

Now I just try to have fun with my writing and really say what I'm thinking. Why mask what I really want to say?

triplev164257d ago

I agree, the headline is good, but from there it should've just went into the games portion. I know Vita owners who are personally very happy with their purchase so it makes this paragraph sound off-base. I've been playing my Vita non-stop since release. New Vita games and PSP classics also. In my case there are a lot of games to play on the Vita. Could there be more? Absolutely, but you can't expect an avalanche of titles all-year round—especially in the first year.

One thing I think the Vita needs for sure though is a BIG marketing push. Hopefully we see it this holiday season along with some of these major releases. I'm ready for Soul Sacrifice and Killzone!

LebaNoob4258d ago

"game-starved Vita owners"

Do we have to list the myriad of great Vita games already out on the system under EVERY article so that you sorry excuses for journalists finally get over that tired cliche?

Armyless4257d ago

"sorry excuses for journalists"

I wouldn't even give him that much credit. It's a crap website and an opinionated gamer. Quoting his words here, where he probably submitted AND approved the link, does not even remotely qualify his opinions. It satisfies the younglings on here who don't know the difference between a forum opinion, and a two-bit upstart.

Anon19744257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

As a Vita owner, I agree with the sentiment that the Vita needs more games. You can go ahead and provide a list of games, but once I remove kid's games, fighters and racing games and remakes of games I finished 10 years ago or ports of PS3 titles, what does that leave me with? SoundShapes, Rayman (which is kid friendly but it's great anyway), Uncharted and Unit 13 as far as I can see. Not to mention that of the games that are available, nothing is really lighting the world on fire in the eyes of reviewers or critics. If there were a couple of truly outstanding, unique experiences out there I'd be singing a different tune. And the release calendar looks pretty sad as well with nothing noteworthy coming out until Assassin's Creed and LBP, and then nothing after that.

But that's the risks of being an early adopter. Not all games are going to appeal to you and as you sit and wait for the library to increase you're often left twiddling your thumbs. After I finished COD2, King Kong and Condemned on my 360, I think I probably played nothing but Joust for 6 months until something else I wanted to play came out. Same thing happened to me with my PS3 sitting unused initially. That's just what happens early on. I'm not an unhappy Vita owner, but I am a patient one out of necessity.

one2thr4257d ago

Can you name said PS3 ports, and when I say ports I mean exact carbon copies?

I'm a vita gamer as well, and going by everyones expectations of the vita they assume it's suppose to automatically have games that are great and innovative right out of the gate. Games like this usually take time to develope, and by this fall is a prime example of NEEDING TIME to prove its worth...

TheSanchezDavid4257d ago

Sorry excuse for a journalist?! I resent that! I'm a games writer, not a journalist!

tiffac0084257d ago (Edited 4257d ago )

So you just make up stories then and base your own opinions as facts? Rather than collect and distribute news and information?

I think what your looking for is "Games journalist" and not "Games writer"

Otherwise your not really giving yourself and your work any credibility. Just saying

abzdine4258d ago

One thing is annoying me with Vita now it's NO multi account. I can't buy anything from my original account cause i changed country and the currency is not the same.

r214258d ago

Most of these games have been on my list for quite a while now :D Btw, the author couldnt simply put split his 7 page article into just 2? Gah :L
At least this list will help vita owners be aware of upcoming vita psn games.