Best Indie Games for Android 2020

Have a soft spot for indie titles? Here at Hardcore Droid we've compiled a list of the ten most hardcore indie games for Android.

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10 Best Games Like Minecraft in 2023, Ranked

ESTNN says: "If you're looking to get your fix outside of Mojang's popular sandbox, these games are some of the best the genre has to offer."

MrNinosan241d ago

Minecraft like, and still missed No Man Sky.


Sky: Children of the Light Heading to gamescom to Break a Guinness World Record Title

Sky: Children of the Light is hosting an in-game attempt to set a Guinness World Record title for most users in a virtual concert.


Best Short Games on Xbox Game Pass

These are the best short games on Xbox Game Pass. They offer a variety of different experiences that can be enjoyed without commitment.

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JagX22309d ago

Wouldn't the answer here be ... all of them?

296d ago