Guilty Gear XX heading to PSN

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus will be arriving on Playstation Network and Xbox Live sometime in late October.

With the game seeing an arcade update in September, many wondered if the console versions would see the same upgrade, we will just be glad when the game comes to PSN and XBLA

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Ben_Grimm2777d ago

YES! Love me some Guilty Gear!

LOVE IT! But will it have online play where you can make a room and invite more than ONE player in. For some reason GG and KoF does this...why?

thegamingadvisory212777d ago

i would believe so all recent fighter have, it should be a staple now

Ben_Grimm2777d ago

The new KoF didn't and the GG on Xbox didn't have it either. Not to sure if BlazBlue even had it.

Chrono2776d ago

How about a new GG game instead?

Kyosuke_Sanada2776d ago

This game deserves a Halloween release!!!!