Sleeping Dogs: Solid, Not Spectacular

"Sleeping Dogs" tries some new things and brings a little unique flavor, but not enough to overpower the GTA deja vu.

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mafiahajeri2787d ago

The story was sure as heck spectacular!

Baka-akaB2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I "love" those gta deja vu impressions , when saves the Yakuza and infamous series , none of those urban sandbox games had a fighting and combat mechanics nearly as good and well though out as Sleeping Dogs , nor really impressive action

darthdusty2787d ago

Sorry, but everything about this game was spectacular. It's your opinion I know, but if you weren't blown away by this game, then you probably are not a huge fan of open-world sandbox games. I'm not saying it's the best in its genre, but it is certainly one of the best sandbox games to release in the last few years for sure. Sure, it's no Red Dead Redemption, but it's way better than most.

mafiahajeri2787d ago

I agree it was just so fun to play haven't got that feeling from a sandbox in a while everything was just spectacular...

LaughingFish2787d ago

Well the article DOES say at the bottom "if you love sandbox games then definitely get it."