Sound Shapes (PS3) Review l Player Affinity

Every now and then, there are games that put a smile on your face. Sony Santa Monica and Queasy Games' Sound Shapes is one of those games. This is not just for the Vita but also for the Playstation 3 via the Playstation Network. Sound Shapes, in a nutshell, is a music-based platformer where the soundtrack dictates the environment and your movements. It is not a description you will see at first glance, but once you play through the game, it is truly a beautiful thing to see and experience.

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OooHJohnny2784d ago

This game is higher than high, man.

TerraMantis2778d ago

This game looks bad ass. The way the music is intertwined with the platforming is brilliant. Plus I heard Beck did the music for some stages. How can I resist?