Amazon PS4 Digital Deals: Up To 80% Off Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, Thief More

"Far Cry 4, Thief, Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Sound Shapes are on sale at Amazon now!"

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thekhurg993d ago

$7.50 for Tomb Raider. Pretty nice deal.

Crazyglues993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

indeed... nice to see them finally doing a digital deal.

Now if we can just get them to do the deal they have going for pre-orders (20% off) when you have prime, to also include digital copies..

More and more, digital is becoming the way to go. Easier convenience and less stress.. Easier way to load and play your games.. (I've been all digital this time around and I'm loving it)

-might be time for the 2TB drive - the 1TB served me well but it's starting to fill up... too many good games.. LoL

WafflesID992d ago

Digital should always be an OPTION. And it SHOULD always be a cheaper option.

And I completely disagree with digital being more convenient.

Frankly, I don't feel like waiting an entire day if I want to redownload a game I had to delete to free up space if I want to replay it later, and basically not being able to do much of anything else while it is downloading. No Netflix or Hulu on that day.

It is MUCH faster for me to drive to a store and buy it than to download a game. I can drive to a store, buy it, and drive home and be playing that game in around 30 minutes. Good luck downloading any game in 30 minutes.

Yes, some of us are not in areas where exceptional download speeds are available.

Volkama992d ago

@Waffles out of curiousity, were you one of the few people that liked Microsoft's original xbox one DRM idea, or hated it?

Only asking as it sounds like you are in a similar situation to me (ie not a great connection, but otherwise OK with digital purchases), and for me the notorious DRM would have allowed the most convenient way to buy.

_-EDMIX-_992d ago

"Now if we can just get them to do the deal they have going for pre-orders (20% off)"

That is based on retailer, Amazon can do that, Sony and MS sorta can't consider some publishers may not ok such discounts.

" Easier convenience and less stress "

I mean...debatable and subjective. I help myself to some sales for some digital titles, I did last week for Dragon Age 3 and Metro Redux and even this deal for Sleeping Dogs, but I couldn't say its an "easier convenience". Its nice to not go to the store sure, its also nice to not have to wait for a download to finish.

Consider if my HDD goes or my PS4 breaks for some reason, I have many, many games to re-download vs the disk where it will take a few minutes and I'm up and gaming.

I'm only going digital on titles that are only releasing that way, on sale ie cheaper then Amazon or Gamestop and doesn't take up a lot of space.

Some titles even if they are on sale if they are 50GB or so, I'm not downloading them, I'd rather just buy them used.

With all the games I play, waiting for something to ship isn't actually that big of a deal to me or going to a store to buy it new or used is also not that big of a deal to me.

I would say I only even get digital if its the only format its releasing on or if its on sale and has a low GB space.......or free.

Its easy now, lets see what happens when that HDD or PS4 breaks. At least with my disk based games I can be up and playing in mere minutes.

_-EDMIX-_992d ago

@Waffles- "Frankly, I don't feel like waiting an entire day if I want to redownload a game I had to delete to free up space if I want to replay it later, and basically not being able to do much of anything else while it is downloading. No Netflix or Hulu on that day"

Agreed, I didn't even think of that.

I deleted many, many of my disk based installs of titles like Infamous, Killzone SF,Until Dawn etc based on once I was finished with them, no need to have them take up space, plus if I wanted to play them, its mere minutes away vs a whole day or something, plus your limited by the number of times I believe you can re-download a game if I remember correctly.

I could be wrong though, if anyone knows feel free to chime in.

Agreed on the length of time too, it takes me a day to download even a 30GB game, mind you it slows down my entire house's speed. I managed to downloaded Dragon Age Inquisition when it was on sale and it took me a feel nights of downloading while everyone was asleep to get it done.

I mean its no way more convenient.

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Christopher992d ago

Looks like these are intended to match/compete with the same items on sale on PSN. Good deal if you don't have them yet.

Ruggadagod993d ago ShowReplies(1)
AgentSmithPS4993d ago

I'll have to let Sleeping Dogs lie since I have no time and I'm probably going to upgrade my hard drive for PSVR. I'd like Tomb Raider too but it's been so long I don't know if it's the 'origin' one or something newer...

AgentSmithPS4993d ago

I think it's the TR that Conan the "Clueless Gamer" played in his funny video.

Morgue993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Sleeping Dogs Def Edition a month or so ago was $9.00 on X1 and Theif was free this month.

EDIT. I know it's a PS4 " article " although not really a good article more like a commercial but if you own both you'll quickly realize that when deals like this happen; they're just rotated between consoles.

S2Killinit993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

thats sort of irrelevant i would say. I mean X1 got Styx this month, and PS4 had given it out for free a year ago. But that doesn't take away the fact that its still a good game and there are people who would want to play it. Same thing here.

Personally, I jumped on Sleeping Dogs. $9.99 is a steal, and I never played the game before. I've heard great things.

Volkama992d ago

Aha, I wondered why I own Styx on 3 platforms when I don't recall ever playing it on any. Now the pieces are falling into place lol.

PSN_ZeroOnyx992d ago

I wanted Sleeping Dogs on PS3 but never bought it. but $10 for the PS4 definitive edition I couldn't pass up. It was downloading last night as I left for work. Now I need this deal for PS4 GTAV because I'm not paying $60 a second time just to upgrade.

Silly gameAr992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

It was 9.99 on PS4 as well. I already have it for PS3, but I got it for PS4 when it was on sale. Couldn't pass that up.

Viryu993d ago

Are there any sites which sell digital codes for EU PSN?

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