Nintendo game listed for $50,000 eBay

A rare original Nintendo (NES) cartridge was recently listed on eBay for an astounding $50,000.

The game, an english prototype of the unreleased title, Final Fantasy II was original shown at the Consumer Electronics Show. The seller, Frank Cifaldi, a gaming historian decided to release the game after hanging onto it for a number of years.

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MultiConsoleGamer2786d ago

And I remember when people claimed that ROMS and emulation would "kill the collector market."

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pat_11_52786d ago

Shit, does he have 2. I got 100,000 to blow.

DoomeDx2786d ago

Damnit! i only have 49,990.

FriedGoat2786d ago

I'll lend you a 10, but only if i get to have a go on the game.

DoomeDx2786d ago

That would be great. You may play for 2 minutes!

Lior2786d ago

dont think it will sell ill give you a fiver though

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