Hands-on Super Smash Bros. Brawl (IGN)

IGN writes:
It feels like Christmas at the IGN offices this week and we don't think we need to tell you why, but we will anyway: yesterday, we finally got our dirty little hands on the import copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. You may have heard of it. The 3D fighter, developed by Nintendo, Sora and Game Arts, is always at the tip-top of GameStats' most wanted list and these days it's also the most popular game on IGN thanks to readers like you. It's not difficult to understand why, either -- after all, the anticipated Wii brawler represents the culmination of Nintendo's beloved franchise; more characters, stages and options than ever before, not to mention enhanced graphics and addictive online-compatible multiplayer modes to boot. So now that we've vacationed 24 hours with the title, can we definitely say that the final experience is worth the wait? You better believe it. Obviously, we'll be slamming the site with Brawl related content over the next several weeks. Today, though, we're kicking off with our initial impressions of the fighting experience, as well some thoughts on our favorite characters thus far.

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RecSpec4330d ago

Super Mash Bro, game of the year in my book. Hands down.

Rice4330d ago

this game will be a blast all my friends are obsessing over it.

Doppy4330d ago

I love the Smash series. I hate they got rid of some characters :( Samus and Mewtwo were my favorites. The graphics aren't as huge of a leap as I was expecting them to be, but what matters most with this game is truly gameplay. I'll have to buy a Wii later on just for this game alone. Definitely Nintendo's GOTY.

wiizy4329d ago

damn.. a month wait to go

Iron Man 24329d ago

We'll live,don't worry!;)