Why Fans Crave Bully 2

RockStar games had created one of the most fun and relatable games in the video game industry, Bully. When fans gave this game a try they instantly fell in love. The game was simply relatable to every player. In Bully you take the role of a boy who has misbehaved so badly that he is being left on the campus of the only school around that he hadn’t been expelled from, Bullworth Academy. This game offered everything for players, an entertaining story, great gameplay and endless activities that wrapped the player up for hours. Bully provided players with a light hearted game while remaining interesting and above all relatable to everyone’s lives which is rare among the other games in the industry.

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TheSuperior 3822d ago

I would die for another bully game. It has been one of my favorites for years. I actually just started up scholarship edition again last week lol

b163o13822d ago

I'm surprised it's not on PSN or XBL, R* has been slacking this Gen. They could've released TheWarriors, or any other game from there great catalog on the PSN or XBL.

Reverent3822d ago

If R* released Bully (Scholarship Edition or not) over the PSN, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Hell, a tenth of a heartbeat.

Awesome_Gamer3821d ago

Rockstar said it will be thier next focus after GTA V/Agent. it's in development for next-gen consoles.

SheaHoff3822d ago

I keep meaning to play this game, but I always forget!

Decaf_PIxel_Kat3822d ago

Me too! I heard it's pretty good.

HiddenMission3822d ago

I want to be a bully...just kidding :P

Another bully would be great and a welcome addition to some what set of stale games this gen.


Dear gamers... I was really dissappointed with Bully... =\

ShabbaRanks3822d ago

Okay thanks for letting us know…

Many others are eager to get some news on a sequel if they do make one or not. It was like GTA SanAndreas, but from a kid point of view in a high school :) One of the best games R* did imo.

HammadTheBeast3818d ago

Dont worry, I didnt mean you, I meant the guy who posted before you.

HammadTheBeast3822d ago

I am dissapoint with your comment.

Zichu3822d ago

I managed to get it last year and completed everything in it. Such a great game. Really want to see a sequel.

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The story is too old to be commented.