How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Wii

The Wii is many things: it’s a family friendly console designed to get men and women, young or old, playing together; it set the standard for motion control in video games; it was Nintendo’s first platform to utilize a full-sized optical disc; but most of all, it was fun.

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Buff10442781d ago

The Wii lineup has somehow become underrated. Yes, I know the graphics are inferior and there's no Xbox Live or even PSN style online service...but ask me to rattle off 50 games everyone should play, and I feel this could get done very quickly.

Silver-Hawk2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

He just accepted it for what it is

Axonometri2781d ago

Yea and as soon as I did it lost interest in anything I was doing

Apex132781d ago

I loved my Wii for many years and still love when I play with other peoples machines, but developers putting so much crap on it and not even making an effort with the graphics put me off in the end. That was teh only wrong move by Nintendo that last generation. They should not have allowed it but then it became a party/family system so it worked for them.

Wii U time

Moby-Royale2781d ago

I came here just to appreciate the "Dr. Strangelove" reference. Truly one of my favorite things. That, and my precious bodily fluids.

cleft52781d ago

For me the best thing about the Wii is that I didn't buy it. Thats good cause now I have a great group of Wii titles to look forward to playing on the WiiU. I can't wait to play XenoBlade Chronicles, The Last Story, the various Mario games, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Fire Emblem, and all the other great Wii games I didn't play.

Also I have a few WiiU games to look forward too, but for me the best part about the Wii was just passing on it and getting the WiiU.