FIFA 13 video: new gameplay, Rutter, all the balls

VG247: FIFA 13 was looking hotter than ever at gamescom last week, where dev boss David Rutter showed new features and gameplay. VG247′s Sam Clay caught everything on camera.

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fastrez2777d ago

Looks good, another win for FIFA

nix2777d ago

been playing the PES13 demo lately. i just love it. it's so humane and organic. feels like i'm actually playing with real people. i keep telling my friends that i think i cry a little everytime i play that game. lol. it's so satisfying.

this is coming from a guy who picked up fifa12 over PES12 last year.

KiLLeRCLaM2777d ago

I have also been playing PES 13 and agree with you but after watching these video's of Fifa 13 it will be another win for them again. I really like the Player ID in PES 13

Belking2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I've seen enough of FIFA's gameplay to know that its really not much of an improvement from last year. The CPU teams still don't play like they are supposed to. If i'm playing against Barcelona then they should play like Barcelona. I shouldn't be able to move the ball all over the field so easily against their defense. They should play a possession game like Barcelona does, not the other way around. Both games needs to add more excitement to goal celebrations. There should be different levels of excitement when you score a 88th minute winning goal than a 15th minute one. Also, the CPU teams should at least play keep away when they are ahead late into the game to protect a lead. Teams in PES actually do this sometimes.

Another thing I hate about both games is that when you play league, its no different than playing a exhibition/friendly game. FIFA 12 actually flashed scores of other games in progress but it was so generic. You can tell it was something that they just threw in and didn't put any real effort into. You shouldn't have to play career to feel like you are playing for something. For instance, look at the excitement of the past EPL race that Man-u and Man-City had playing for the title. You don't get that with FIFA nor PES. They really need to work on the presentation for both. They are forgetting the excitement that comes with the sport. How about adding something like a momentum meter and a halftime analysis or something. The gameplay for both games are good enough already, so they need to work on better presentation. NBA2k12 is the standard of how a game should be presented. Its just like watching a game on TV.