RPG RPG Podcast #4: Suikoden, Kingdom Hearts, Tales

Ai-Phuong and Haven are joined by, RPG aficionado, Sandra and chit-chat about some of the biggest RPG series out there.

- Suikoden Series
- Persona
- XenoSaga
- Shadow Hearts
- Kingdom Hearts
- Tales Series

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Xof2776d ago

And of those franchises, only Kingdom Hearts and Tales Of are still active.

Oh, how I cry for the Old Days.

knifefight2776d ago

While it's true there hasn't been a numbered Suikoden game in some time, at least the brand is still alive. A new Suikoden game just came out in March. It won't make it outside of Japan, because it's for PSP, but eh, at least SOMEthing was made.

KingofGambling2776d ago

Suikoden best JRPG game I ever play, just my opinion.
Come on Konami bring on Suikoden VI.