IGN: Faith and a .45 debut trailer and interview

Game developers are a dedicated bunch. When IGN made a request to talk with someone at Deadline Games regarding its work in progress, Faith and a .45, IGN shortly had Game Director Søren Lundgaard on the phone. The catch is that he lives on the other side of the world where the local time was pushing midnight. IGN offered to speak at a more convenient time but were brushed off -- working this late was normal. IGN're not complaining as the short phone conversation revealed a wealth of information on the original title.

IGN: I know this is a tough thing to answer because you don't have a publisher yet, but in the press release you mentioned consoles as target platforms. Is there any chance of the game also showing up on PC?

Søren Lundgaard: Yeah, very likely. We develop it on PC and its part of negotiations with the publisher but we are able to deliver on the PC with very low costs. So I would very likely also on PC.

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sonarus4332d ago

well the game is still far off in dev. The explosions looked mad crappy though

INehalemEXI4332d ago

Indeed.Still interested in the game, that trailer was crappy though.

mullet4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

Stupid. So f*cking stupid. I got my hopes up for what? A new Tomb Raider preview and this crap? Gimme a break.