Persona 4 Arena Review: Simply Complex - writes:

"A fighting game serving as a sequel to an RPG? It sounds crazy. RPG fans aren’t necessarily into the absurdly precise input of fighters just as fighting fans don’t necessarily care about lengthy stories. But like the groundbreaking discovery of combining chocolate and peanut butter, Persona 4 Arena really works.

Arc System Works is known for stacking copious amounts of mechanics onto their fighting systems, and Persona 4 Arena is no exception. It’s for that reason that the level of accessibility on display here is so surprising. The tired old adage of “easy to learn, tough to master” is in full force."

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doogiebear2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Does it "feel" like a persona game somewhat? Does it incorporate rpg elements into the gameplay (like elemental properties (ice vs fire, etc)? Would a non fighting genre player be able to get into it? (I hate how nowadays fighting games just spam combos without any way to escape or counter)