Top 5 cities for the Fallout series

Non Specific Action have a look at which cities would make good settings for the excellent Fallout series.

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user54670072777d ago

London would just be amazing...I would love to scale Big Ben or explore the unrderground tube.

shiner2777d ago

That would be cool, a lot of water there too. That's why I always thought St. Louis would be great, there's the arch to explore, the Mississippi river could be a great way to add DLC to the game too. Go north for snow, south for swamp.

mistajeff2777d ago

I still think Texas would make a great setting. Cassidy had some interesting throwaway lines in Fallout 2 about radioactive cyclones. If it has to be based on a single city, I think Denver sounds awesome.. fighting against or supporting a Legion that has spread itself too thin to actively control the scraps of the city..

As for non-US locations, I'd like to see something in China before anything else on this list.

LightofDarkness2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Sydney could be a good one, because you could take a pretty different direction with it. It could be that Australia was not bombed at all, thus leading to much more populous areas, like Sydney, which are filled with relatively unscathed citizens holding onto the last bastion of civilization as we knew it. It also allows for intriguing new concepts, like border control (mutants/ghouls trying to get in all the time), refugee camps, political strife and more. Plus, you'd have very varied environments in Oz, with some of the already dangerous indigenous life mutating into even more deadly variants (giant crocs/snakes/spiders, packs of wild dogs).

The game could be like a cross between Deus Ex and Fallout, with some greater emphasis on NPC interaction. It means you might not be able to be such an absolutely reckless opportunist like you can be in Fallout 3/NV or other Bethesda games, because the rule of law still applies.

shiner2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

Gotta include China at some point, right?

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