Experiment on Minecraft players brings out the worst in humanity

An experiment on Minecraft players left a world desolate and broken

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jerethdagryphon2788d ago

scary very scary and disturbingly what would probobly happen in real life

Convas2788d ago

Probably would? It's been happening on this planet for thousands of years. It's accelerated as a result of the industrial revolution.

This is just a contained experiment, but it's repercussions are exactly the same as those that will result from the inevitable depletion of the earth's resources.

3GenGames2788d ago

Loved this. I wish there was a video or something for it too, and more to be done with these as I love to hear which people react and which people plan ahead and succeed and such.

Flandy2788d ago

This was a great read.

Redgehammer2788d ago

One of the most facinating things I have read in months.
It seems nothing unites people quite like a common enemy, or divides them like "treasure".

Fatty2787d ago

I would love to see a university research department do something like this... what an amazing read & experiment by the creator.

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