Find local Halo 3 players with Halocal

Xbox360fanboy reports: X3F reader Terry Scott wrote in to tell us about Halocal, a website that allows gamers to find Halo 3 players based on their geographical area. In other words, you can find some like-minded gamers in your very own backyard (well, hopefully not actually in your backyard, but you get the idea). The site isn't just a directory -- although we imagine it would help if you wanted to start up a local clan -- it also culls together lots of Halo 3 stats to please your inner geek (or outer geek). There are kills, deaths, rank, and of course the all important kill-to-death ratio. Not only that, but the site sorts out rankings for its registrants across many different criteria (by zip code, state, or nationwide). So, if you think you're hot stuff in your neck of the woods, now you can prove it. Once you've done that, look up your nationwide ranking to see if you're really that good or just a big fish in a small pond (don't look at me, I'll admit that I'm a small fish). We wonder how well Halocal works on an iPhone ....

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wageslave4820d ago (Edited 4820d ago )

It might be interesting to implement a X/Y coordinate location field in your Gamertag profile so you can find people near you.

On the other hand, it might be a problem with griefing. People tend to get a little excited with online gameplay. And, Xbox 360 has a very intimate kind of community. Player tracking, voice in every game, instant video/voice/text messaging. The wrong kind of people are enabled by that.

Its a double edged sword.