Rumor - SEGA bringing multiple XBLA/PSN games to Wii U eShop

"Sega is excited about Wii U's digital distribution. Multiple XBLA/PSN games coming to Wii U. Sega will give official announcement soon.", writes Emily Rogers.

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Jadedz2784d ago

Yep, she is -_- (grain of salt, people).

DA_SHREDDER2784d ago

Nintendo has tiger blood, lol!

LightSamus2784d ago

Will the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 be released on every console ever from now onwards?

Ben_Grimm2784d ago

Sega and SNK will pimp every game they have on every system.

Sega more than SNK but you get the picture.

Hanuman2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

If Nintendo (By some strange and unexplainable reason) would stop making consoles\entertainment systems, I bet they would be milking Nintendo games untill the sun dies out..And to be honest...I like it that way. It's a great way of getting the new generations of gamers have some Old skool fun.

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