Rambo - First Look

Xbigy Games' Kamran Draeger writes:

"At gamescom we were able to get a first look at Rambo, a game by Reef Entertainment based on the first three of the Stallone action films with the same name."

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CrazyInsane2785d ago

Anyone else disappointed its an on rail shooter ?

morganfell2785d ago

My hope for this dropped when they said it uses iconic locations from the franchise. Usually that means a hacked together story aimed at cashing in. But when I read that rail bit I just groaned and gave up.

Mocat2785d ago

i was really hoping it would have been a 3rd person game

NeoTribe2785d ago

Did people actually think this was gonna be good?

Moby-Royale2785d ago


You're so cool for being a jaded pessimist, while mocking people who don't assume everything will be garbage.

Yeah, your outlook is great for the soul.


franko2785d ago


AtomicGerbil2785d ago

On rail shooters were popular in the late '80s, so what's the big idea doing one now when they're not? Ok, so it might be suited for motion controls, but motions controls are capable of much more freedom than the light guns of twenty plus years ago.

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