GTA IV adds Drunk Driving, Strip Clubs

Niko Bellic will be able to do just about anything gamers want him to do.

For the scruffy leading man in Grand Theft Auto IV, that includes blowing stuff up, driving drunk, meeting someone online, going on a date, hailing a cab, listening to the radio, killing innocent bystanders, patronizing strip clubs, flying helicopters, earning cash for criminal activities, running from the police and, of course, hijacking lots of cars.

Players will be tempted with such seedy choices in Rockstar Games' wildly anticipated ninth entry in their controversial but lucrative Grand Theft Auto franchise, set for release April 29. GTA IV will be the first game in the 10-year-old "GTA" series for Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 video game consoles.

Video game analyst Mike Hickey at Janco Partners expects five million copies of GTA IV will sell the first week of release, on par with last year's record-breaking US$300 million first-week sales of Bungie Studios' "Halo 3." Hickey says that Rockstar's hush-hush promotional effort - more viral, less in-your-face than the "Halo 3" campaign - could give GTA IV an edge.

"Maybe the first week 'GTA IV' sales won't do what 'Halo 3' did, but I can almost guarantee they'll probably outsell 'Halo 3' in the first year," said Hickey.

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chester4336d ago

i think i can hear ol' jacky boy yelling from all the way up here in canada.

can't wait for this game.

Tempist4336d ago

I dunno. Vice City also included a strip joint (Mission; sit and watch a show to buy the place) and drunk driving. So technically those aren't new, but will probably be more in depth than they have been before.

Panthers4336d ago

This drunk driving is going to drive a lot of people over the edge against this game. GTA IV might see the biggest backlash yet (except Hot Coffee)

But maybe people dont care anymore and will shut up because people are going to get this game no matter what.

BenzMoney4336d ago

I don't doubt it. It is, afterall, multiplatform...

This game is starting to sound better the more I read about it. I was apprehensive about getting pumped for "another GTA". Since GTA3, they've been following the same formula a little too closely. If they change it up enough, which is sounds like they're doing, I might not get as bored as quickly as I did with San Andreas.

AceLuby4336d ago

I thought GTA3 was too big once you got to the third island, and I got bored. VC I couldn't put down and felt it had the perfect blend of size, missions, and other stuff to do. After completing the first 1/3 of SA I was bored. It was too big, I was sick of doing stupid stuff like eating and weight lifting. Hopefully they go back to something closer to VC in scope.

SmokeyMcBear4336d ago

i still dont understand how anyone can get bored with SA... i know it can be tedious stuff having to eat and all but cmon... lear jets anywhere you want to go, parachuting from those lear jets.. gambling in vegas, i was playing million dollar roullette and blackjack tables, taking the apache and just going to town on cities, taking the harrier out for a spin and fighing the army.. man that game was great.

Ben10544336d ago

i think they are going to make it much more realistic than previous gta games and ruin the gta element
from the trailer "move up ladies" i dont think im going to like the storyline either

Wil Wheaton4336d ago

yea i agree i dont really like niko bellic and the game might become too serious and less fun dont you have to hot wire parked cars now when you steal them i mean thats cool and all but it could get really lame after a while.

RecSpec4336d ago

This game created it's own genre basically. And unlike Halo 3, there are ZERO games that are on the same level as GTA in the same genre. Any one can name a couple games as good or better than Halo in the FPS department. But as far as this game goes, nothing comes close. After skipping the last GTA I think I will pick this one up.

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The story is too old to be commented.