White PS3 40GB Walkthrough

GameTrailers: L Johnny Cage unboxes the brand new Import Ceramic White PS3 system for the world to see! Check out the Import Ceramic White PlayStation 3 console at

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Joey Gladstone4332d ago

But i think I'll stick with my Black PS3........White on a PS3 looks Clean.......But Black on a PS3 Looks SEXY.......
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

Ru4332d ago

Black cables with a white console... Isnt that Faux Pas?

socomnick4332d ago

will look nice next to my White xbox 360 depends Ill wait till fall of this year and then decide If I want to give sony my money.

EastCoastSB4332d ago

I'd would be better if it came with DS3 instead of sixaxis, but whatever.

Adamalicious4332d ago

Yeah - I wonder why it doesn't.

Lilbambit4332d ago

im not getting a ps3 until they release the white version in europe

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The story is too old to be commented.