TVG Previews Panzer Tactics DS

TVG writes:

"Panzer Tactics DS is the first and only WWII turn-based strategy war game for the Nintendo DS. The game is played on hex-based maps and offers a variety of control options. All missions are based on historical battles from WWII, utilizing real-world units from the era. New units can be unlocked, while existing units earn experience through battle."

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PayTM: Panzer Tactics Preview

PlayTM writes:

"The waning of Advance Wars may be indicative of the lack of turn-based strategy competition on the DS; a lack of interest overall. Therefore, the upcoming Panzer Tactics could be just what the portable platform needs to spice things up. Here is a game with a prestigious history and an already-established fan following, that looks like it could give Advance Wars a run for its money. We recently received a preview build of the game, and stretched its legs out in the Play.tm back paddock."


Panzer Tactics DS - "Complexity is in Abundance" - 6/10

Gameplayer has gone live with a review of Panzer Tactics DS. They compare it unfavorably to the like-minded Advance Wars.

"While ambitious use has been made of FMV cut scenes, pseudo 3D animation, and the available resolution, sound, and colour, everything feels a bit sluggish. A bit slow."

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Panzer Tactics for the DS Review from 4 Color Rebellion


Edgar from 4 Color Rebellion writes:

"Being a big fan of Strategy games, I quickly volunteered to review Panzer Tactics DS. I've been waiting for a game like this ever since Advance Wars DS. I wanted something with more depth, more strategic planning, more unit types. This is exactly what Sproing brought us with Panzer Tactics."

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