Sleeping Dogs Video Review – Better Than GTA IV | Sheep

Here's a review Sleeping Dogs, an open world game set in Hong Kong. How does it stack up compared to other sandbox games like Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto? Find out in this gameplay video review.

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killerhog2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Smaller than gta4, more restricting than gta4, doesn't look all that much better than gta4, but it's better? Yeah okay lol. Gta4 also came out years ago and still sets the bar.

chobit_A5HL3Y2791d ago

i just started it, but the hand to hand combat is much better than gta's~

AusRogo2791d ago

How could anyone disagree!? The hand combat in gta is terrible!

LOGICWINS2791d ago

Haven't played Sleeping Dogs yet, but I STRONGLY doubt that it has a more content than GTA4. But from what I've seen, the missions seem to be much more varied and entertaining than anything in GTA4. So all though there is less content in Sleeping Dogs, the content may be more entertaining than that of GTA4.

mafiahajeri2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

I dont care, its funner and thats what matters. The combat is the best for any sandbox box game, the gun play is better aswell as the races.

Racing really feels like a racing game where you actually feel a great difference from one car to the next unlike GTA where most cars feel the same. Theres no sence of Speed in GTA IV.

I Still have high hopes for GTA 5 and Im really looking forward to it and Im pretty confident it will deliever on all fronts and will be the best Sandbox game ever but with GTA iV Sleeping dogs is the victor for me, GTA iV's downfall was being to realistic.

@BOTTOM He said 4 not 5...

JellyJelly2791d ago

No fan of GTA IV. How does it compare to Saints Row the Third?

MaxXAttaxX2791d ago

But Sleeping Dogs has an actual hand-to-hand combat system that's far better in many ways.
Better flow of story, gunplay and driving.

It may not be as big as GTAIV, but it doesn't need to. It's really fun.

Awesome_Gamer2790d ago

I really hated how the map was so freaking small in Sleeping dogs, i also didn't like the fact they created a countryside area but it's locked and you can't acces because of invisible walls.

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NeoTribe2791d ago

Umm, its a decent game but let's not play the "cool to hate on the big dog game". Gta5 eats this game for breakfast. Not even close. Nice try though.

LOGICWINS2791d ago

Yeah, from Ron Paul to Sleeping Dogs, people on the Internet always seem to blindly root for the underdog while hoping for the demise of the big names. I find it pretty stupid to be honest. Why does everything have to topple everything? Why can't everything just co-exist?

r212791d ago

So you're saying Sleeping Dogs is more like Under Dogs? Get it?

this joke was bad and i should feel bad :C

MaxXAttaxX2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

You know, it IS possible for people to honestly like Sleeping Dogs and have more fun with it.

So again, not that it's "cool to hate" on the bigger game. But GTAIV felt clunky in areas where Sleeping Dogs succeeds.
The hand-to-hand combat system is far better in many ways.
Better flow of story, free running, gunplay and driving.

It may not be as big or content packed, but it doesn't need to be. It's really fun and varied. The setting and theme are refreshing from the generic LA and NY cities in games.

IMO of course.

MaxXAttaxX2791d ago

So you played Sleeping Dogs AND GTA5? OMG tell me more!


isarai2791d ago

Well, i can without a doubt say i had a shitload more fun in this than in GTA 4. It may not offer as much as GTA 4, but for a first game in a series, being the second only game made by the studio, a studio who is very small in comparison to most, in an engine built from scratch from the ground up, i say this was amazingly impressive, Saints Row 1 didn't even have this much love and effort put into it, and that was made by a highly funded acclaimed studio with a massive staff.

pr0digyZA2791d ago

GTA 5 probably not. But I am having more fun with SD than I did with GTA 4, I love hand to hand combat, love all the side missions (some of those are funny- taking pictures of a sunset with a character trying to be in the picture). gunplay is cool. Has awesome radio soundtrack, excellent story. Really I am sure they are just happy that people are putting them up as one of the top sandbox games like GTA especially considering their smaller team and much lower budget.

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