Slender: Source Teaser Trailer Released

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''The teaser trailer for Slender: Source has lurched its way onto the internet. The Half Life 2 mode is currently being developed by indie studio Ethereal Entertainment. The mode will expand the Slender experience. The mod is a survival horror co-op game in which players work together to collect a number of dolls while avoiding the terror that is the Slenderman.''

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DaThreats2780d ago

I thought that was a crappy teaser

GamerEuphoria2780d ago

It's a small independent studio mate, it was only a teaser after all :)

Mikefizzled2780d ago

I thought it was perfectly fine?

ATi_Elite2780d ago

Should have used Source Movie maker!

Mounce2779d ago

There doesn't need to be a Slender Source, there already is a game made of Slender Man...

^ Isn't the game shown in the trailer above, but already does a better job, it's at v. 0.9.6. but is decent, better than the progress shown in this trailer at least....

GamerEuphoria2779d ago

We already have a article on Slender, we just find the Slenderman interesting so any game with him/it in it we tend to cover.

r212780d ago

Co op horror... i think slender will be the first to pull that off.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2780d ago

hope not, wouldn't be nearly as scary

RXL2780d ago

in the middle of the damp dark woods with nothing but moon light and your small flash light to illuminate your path..

you and a group of friends are trying to recover the dolls before the slender man gets to you..

it's goes faster if you split up so you do..remaining in radio contact with them....

you're relying messages and strange noises you hear between your partners..

everything is going fine until you hear your friend screaming over his walkie talkie..and then a eerie silence falls over the try your hardest not to panic as you keep calling out to him..until you realize you hear the sound of footsteps behind you...

you turn around as quickly as you can to see one of your friends running up to get scared but also a wave of relief comes over you...

while you're both regrouping and planning a strategy you hear your third friend scream..and all you can see is the light from his flash light off in the distance being picked up and violently thrown against a tree..

you turn back to your last surviving friend..and start to run in the same direction...half hoping they will fall...or change direction...just so that the slender man has a new target..

tell me that isn't wet your pants scary.

StayStatic2779d ago

It's going to make it worse when there screaming and your playing online with a bunch of randoms or friends like in the movies.

Except movies don't scare me but this game creeps the hell out of me for some reason.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )


awesome song, hilarious

Premonition2780d ago

im still betting with all this slender promotion, someone will make a movie about it :)

ATi_Elite2780d ago

.....and then really screw it up as Video Game to Movie usually means FAIL!!!

Tr10wn2780d ago

Video Game movie? do you even know what Slender is? lol

Premonition2776d ago

research slender, it didnt start out as a video game....