Sarcastic Gamer's Rez HD Review

Rez HD made its debut on XBLA yesterday and one writer from Sarcastic Gamer's played it. Is it a must buy?

From the review: "Remember Space Harrier? It's kind of like that, except you won't develop carpal tunnel during the first hour of play. I'd say it's like Space Harrier, crossed with… I dunno… maybe with the graphics from Tron, the movie..."

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LGFreedom4381d ago

I dunno about the game, but I'm definitely intrigued after reading the review.

Rhezin4381d ago

the game is trippy as f!ck, dude play the trial version first and you'll know what I mean.

i Shank u4381d ago

hell yea man. felt like i was rollin makin beats