Pach- Attack!- Surface A Game-Changer?

Will Microsoft’s upcoming tablet Surface be a serious next-gen gaming option? Plus, why aren’t PC games on Blu-ray yet? AND – what’s the deal with the Wonderbook?

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ReadyBodyReggie2279d ago

>Why aren't PC games on Blu-Ray yet?
Durr...I don't know pacter, maybe because 95% of PC gamers download their games and don't use physical copies. There would be no clear advantage to that.

iamnsuperman2279d ago

The argument is made that blu-ray disc are cheaper to produce than for games that require 3-4 disc. It doesn't matter many buy their games online because they still provide games to the shops. When blu-ray players become the norm then the switch from dvd to blu-ray games will be made. His answer isn't as thick as you make it out to be

JBSleek2279d ago

Your argument is not making sense as the games on PC are compressed and then unloaded therefore it doesn't need multiple disks. Also Blu ray is far away from a standard on PC and people are going digital.

Blu ray is never going to be the norm as new laptops are dropping optical al together and blu ray isn't worth the extra money.

dedicatedtogamers2279d ago

HAHAHAH this s too funny. OnLive just crashed and burned, and Pachter was singing its praises for YEARS, saying it was the future. Oh well. I guess you need to move on and shill a new product, eh Pachter?

coolbeans2278d ago

Sure, Onlive's financial news is troubling, but what makes Pachter wrong for stating that it conceptually was/will be the future?

Did he ever specifically (<-keyword) state the Onlive system or just the idea behind it would be a wondrous success?

dedicatedtogamers2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

See, this is what I don't understand, coolbeans. OnLive is dead. They've officially filed for ABC Bankruptcy. Their staff is being let go and the service is closing. OnLive was THE forefront for cloud gaming, and it failed beautifully. Onlive's CEO, Perlman, said that the operating costs alone were $5 million PER MONTH.

How can any sane person look at OnLive and say "errrr, OnLive failed but CLOUD GAMING IS STILL TEH FUTURE!"? I just don't get it.

coolbeans2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

You and I have no idea what type of good or bad management went on behind closed doors. We don't understand all of the facets behind supporting the next technological endeavor like Onlive.

Since only a small few might know EVERYTHING about the cloud gaming services, no one should be considered "insane" for believing cloud gaming could be the future because one company solely invested IN cloud gaming has failed.

It only shows that (at this point in time) a diverse means of getting these games out there to as many people as possible, whether it be disc, DL, etc., is the best solution.