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Face-Off: Sleeping Dogs [ Digital Foundry ]

On Microsoft's system, Sleeping Dogs adopts a native 1200x720 presentation, with an 80-pixel horizontal upscale to 720p, while on the PS3 we're looking at a much lower 1152x640, which has more severe implications with regards to overall image quality. Anti-aliasing on both consoles is a post-process, most likely provided by NVIDIA's popular FXAA solution, although we find that the PS3 uses a more aggressive edge-detect algorithm in order to smooth over the additional jaggies created by the heavy upscale.

While the 360 game gives a passable impression of a native 720p presentation, it looks significantly blurrier on the PS3: the combination of the much heavier upscaling and a stronger FXAA solution covering the final image in a veil of softness. Finer texture details that are visible on both platforms are smoothed over and edges feature a distinct softness that is regularly apparent with anti-aliased sub-HD games. Specular highlights are also subdued on the PS3 due to the stronger edge-detection being employed, although this doesn't come across as a particular downside given that the characters can look a little too shiny in some scenes on the 360.

Aside from the obvious resolution differences, it is clear that the PS3 version is missing some of the more intricate texture details found on the 360, a situation not helped by the more aggressive FXAA implementation. Additionally, we also find that normal maps feature less distinctive bumps and ripples, leading to the affected surfaces looking a touch blockier in nature. The reason for this is that lower resolution artwork is used on many objects throughout the game, thus resulting in visible detail loss, while normal maps appear to be using a different, more lossy compression scheme which creates artifacts on surfaces which use the effect - the Xenos GPU has access to improved texture compression technology compared to RSX, which may explain this.

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Community4320d ago
stonecold34320d ago

wow square dropped the ball on this version i think i might give it a miss and due to lazy port i was going to get it but its not worth supporting a company just give ps3 half a$$ ports and not spending the time resources in the ps3 version ?

Anon19744320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

I wouldn't worry about it. "Overall Sleeping Dogs is worthy of consideration on both console platforms"

I remember despite the strong reviews, you'd think the Orange Box back in the day was unplayable on the PS3 given the way people were talking about it. I skipped it but ended up saying "What the hell" and picked it up eventually on my PS3 for $15, and it was awesome! Same thing happened with Ghostbusters. Everyone was harping on how terrible the PS3 version was, but I tried it and had a blast.

These articles might make a difference to you if you have both a PS3 and 360 but I can't see the use in them. Watching that comparison video, if they weren't telling me what was different between the two, I'd never be able to tell you. In one scene, I guy fell through a glass pane and there was added blood particles on the PS3 version that wasn't there on the 360 version. That was the only thing I could tell you was different about the two versions.

I'd hardly call this a half assed port, and that doesn't seem to be the conclusion DF came to either. Anyway, I pity the gamer that would skip playing a game based on these type of pixel counting articles. If it really mattered to you, you'd be playing on a high end gaming PC anyway.

Bathyj4320d ago

Playing PS3 version right now. Its great.

Remember, a man who never eats pork bun is never a whole man.

Wintersun6164320d ago

It's the game that matters, not the graphics. I would NEVER miss on a good game just because the other version looks better.

TBM4320d ago

i have ps3 version and its playing just fine. can't believe people still care about comparisons. i just keep it for the console i felt most comfortable with.

just like i bought darksiders 2 for 360.

i could have easily bought both for the opposite, or both for the same consoles. pointless comparisons lead to stupid fights.

StrawberryDiesel4204320d ago

Well, I don't buy games that have screen tearing, period. It's the sign of lazy developing skills and if the devs don't give a shit, neither do I and I won't purchase the game. I love these comparisons, keep up the good work Digital Foundry! Next up should be the Darksiders 2 comparison.

specialguest4320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

You're like a spoiled brat in the gaming world. Had there not been a comparison image or video of this game, you might have just enjoyed the game at its purest form for what it is. Seriously, is your entire gaming world that fragile to where a slight difference in graphical details (details you would've never known about) would shatter your chance to play a game you looked forward to playing?? That's really pathetic.

That's like a child who crave pizza, but because his slice had one less pepperoni than the other kids, he tosses it back in childish protest, crosses his arms and pouts.

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fossilfern4320d ago

I really wish people would stop using FXAA its a terrible form of AA. Can they not use SMAA atleast ?

yewles14320d ago

Still using a more taxing solution on the PS3 GPU than letting the SPE's handle it? No wonder MM is helping out on LBP Karting...

JellyJelly4320d ago

I'll be getting the 360 version. Anyone know how the PC version fares?

T3MPL3TON 4320d ago

It's the best version of the game. Played the 360 version fr a bit it's fine but the PC version seems to have gotten the most attention.. which is odd seeing as this is really a console game.

vikingland14320d ago

Digital Foundry says the PC version is the best of the 3. But I only have a PS3 and Xbox 360 no gaming PC. So it looks like the 360 version for me.

pr0digyZA4320d ago

PC has ended up the best they included a bunch of new features, plus a 4 gig high res texture pack for free, and there has been 4 patches. Probably one of the best ports.

stuntman_mike4320d ago

The PC is definitely the best version. Plays better than the console versions.

iistuii4320d ago

The pc version of EVERY game is better. Just because its running at a higher resolution. so even if the game is a complete console port, it'll look better because the resolution irons out lots of jaggies.

RyuStrife4320d ago

no. fifa is still a little behind. they've improved it, but still lacking some features. Sure, you get full hd 60fps but it still isnt as good as the hd console versions.

neoMAXMLC4320d ago

Game keeps crashing back to my desktop. =|
My GTX 260 isn't exactly a powerhouse but it's nice having a pretty high frame rate even if it means playing this game on medium settings...

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kevnb4320d ago

If people really care get it for PC, its a huge difference there in this game.

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Square Enix Is Going Multiplatform; The Layoffs & Its Past Don't Inspire Confidence

After its latest games didn't meet sales targets, Square Enix is going multiplatform but the company's track record isn't convincing.

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Community31d ago
Scissorman31d ago

Square Enix been multiplatform for decades, a few exclusively-deals doesn't make them any less multiplatform.

fr0sty31d ago

Nor is selling their games on a console with only 25 million install base going to bring their sales to where they hope they will be... Unless they somehow manage to dumb down FF7 trilogy to work on switch, they aren't going to have much luck. They already released it on PC, after all.

anast30d ago

Where are you getting that number?

SegaSaturn66931d ago

It kind of does, giving preference to a certain platform by timed exclusivity. Console ports generally feel superior. Legend of mana PC port extremely broken

neutralgamer199231d ago


It doesn’t when square themselves didn’t want to fund the development of remake. It’s only after the success of the 1st they realized their mistake but now contract is signed. If it wasn’t for Sony there would be no FF7 remakes. Same goes for silent hill 2 with Konami. They don’t want to fund AAA budget. Companies like PlayStation and Nintendo get blamed when in reality they are saving some of these franchises

Remember sega didn’t want to fund bayonetta and epic games didn’t want to fund another gears of war. It’s easy to blame console makers but they are the ones taking the risk and paying huge upfront costs without seeing the final product. FF7 remake trilogy won’t be coming to Xbox now or in the future. PlayStation and PC is what square signed up for. Sony paid them more than they would make from Xbox sales.

ravens5231d ago

I just wonder when everyone is going to demand that the Square Enix exclusives with Nintendo come to PS and Xbox. Or it's just the PS exclusives that matter lol