MEGATONik's Rez HD Impressions: Big Disappointment

From MEGATONik's backflip: "From all that I've heard about this game, I would have thought that it was the second coming of Christ … or, more appropriately, something like Geometry Wars, a simple Xbox Live Arcade game that took Microsoft's online community by storm. However, after playing through the demo a number of times I have realized that this is not the case. Rez HD, unfortunate as it may seem, is nothing special, and is not worthy of your $10 investment."

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Rhezin4369d ago

Well a hell of a lot of people would disagree with you, including many other I guess your review is inferior.

backflip100194369d ago

Besides being entirely inflammatory, your comment suggests that opinions can be inferior. How, I might ask, can an opinion be inferior? What is this, race relations in South Africa between 1950 and 1990?