40° Top 10: Games undeserving of their success

The staff writes:

"It's always quite painful for us game journos to see poor games riding high in the charts. At times we understand why these games sell well, but we're not happy about it. Seeing as MCV recently revealed the top 50 selling games of 2007 in the UK, we picked out the 10 that didn't deserve it. Read on for's Top 10: Games undeserving of their success."

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mintaro4821d ago (Edited 4821d ago )

mario party 8 shouldnt have sold nearly as well as it did, that game was garbage compared to past itirrations(such as MP2)

Joey Gladstone4821d ago

I am honestly not trying to bash,
but even Halo fans admit that it did not quite live up to all the expectations.......and yet still sold like Hot Cakes.......

.."The JOEY has Spoken"

PSWe604820d ago

Awful lot of Wii games on the list

4820d ago