Shadow Harvest Announced and Screens

Black Lion Studios today officially announced Shadow Harvest, a 3rd-person tactical action game in development for PC and Xbox 360, and scheduled for a worldwide release in Q1 2009. Shadow Harvest is set in the year 2025 and the player takes control over two ISA agents (Myra Lee and Aron Alvarez) which are are deployed as elite black-ops agents on various current and future points of conflict around the globe to cooperatively complete covert operations. Both characters are very different from each other and also have very different special skills. To optimally achieve all mission goals, the player needs to combine Myra's stealth skills, cleverness and athletic abilities with Aron's blunt open battle approach. The press release and first nine screenshots have been added at

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Honeal2g4377d ago

sounds interesting that image from the game? are there images as of yet ?