Moore: Bioshock exclusive to 360 and Windows

2K Games confirmed that "BioShock," a revolution in the genre that will forever change the expectations for first-person shooters, will be released exclusively on Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows next spring.

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BIadestarX5917d ago

Nooo! Please stop... Microsoft should stop being so cruel with Sony and their fans. That's just plain wrong! Shame on your Microsoft!

uncleguito5917d ago

This was already posted on the main page

DC RID3R5917d ago

i aggree bro, MS is killin sh*t left, right and center right now!!!

Bio shock looks CRAZY-BAD!!!!


kmis875917d ago

I was gonna pick up Bioshock for pc anyways, but MS is going crazy with this exclusive stuff. This is getting real excessive.

xbox360migs5917d ago

I have been waiting years since sony killed sega by buying there way into exclusives from third party develpoers, for a company with enough clout to play sony at thier own game.. good on ya microsoft, with you all the way!!

USMChardcharger5916d ago

and if things turn out like it has been rumored. sega games are to appear on xbox live arcade.

bizzy125917d ago

thats not cruel thats whats sony get for forcing blue ray down your throats.jump ship now or get stuck with a big paper weigth.

kmis875917d ago

Sony has plenty of money. They are a bigger company and their video games division actually turns a profit. I'm saying it seems excessive because these aren't even franchised games. It's one thing when a company acquires a franchise, like Halo, but it's another when they just go out buying exclusive contracts with games that would otherwise be multiplatform like they SC.

MoonDust5917d ago

Are you saying Sony is a bigger company than MSFT?

TheMART5917d ago

Sony doens't have money.

They make loss every quarter for years now. They just took a multimillion dollar bank loan.

Go check up the facts man.

Sony could even go bankrupt over the PS3 story. And their TV department isn't doing great either, losing a lot of market share to Samsung

kmis875916d ago

Yes I'm saying Sony is bigger than Microsoft. Sony has holdings in electronics, video games, music, and movies. The company is larger, and that is a fact.

USMChardcharger5916d ago

sony did the exclusive thing like it was going out of style with the what is your point?

PS3n3605916d ago

Sony LCD tv's are manufactured by samsung so i am not sure if your comment makes sense.

MoonDust5916d ago

MSFT 10x bigger than Sony. Market Cap. They can make anything they want but never will be bigger than MSFT.

no_more_heroes5915d ago (Edited 5915d ago )

Yeah, but who makes the OS that runs the software they use to make those movies and games and edit that music ? Microsoft does. So Either way, Microsoft is still making money.

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The story is too old to be commented.